Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camera mount

I posted awhile back about a camera mount behind my cafe fairing, but for summer without the fairing I had to come up with something different. I pondered and pondered until the light came on.

If I took a universal windscreen handlebar mount...

and found a bolt the right length to fit in the base of the camera, I bet I could mount the camera to my bike. I positioned it on the left side and mounted a flat piece of rubber mat to reduce vibration.

To come up with this...

Having only one camera I had to use a little smoke and mirror to create camera trickery for this next shot but here it is. A mirror image of my camera mount...

Unfortunately, it is susceptible to bugs, rain and wind noise until I can come up with a screen and windsock for it, but it worked to film Rick in the video of my last post.

Update: here are some better pics of my set up from Trobaritz's new camera.

à tout à l’heure


  1. Isn't it nice to some up with a solution to something that doesn't require a huge investment? I like what you did. Now it has me wondering what I have around that I could use for a camera mount.

  2. I think its awesome. What about some clear 3M film over the shutter openning? We use it for the front of cars and you will probably see it on the doglegs or bottom of the doors on the Versa as an example. I can send you a piece or two if you want to try it.
    When it gets buggy, just peel it off and replace it.
    Speaking of cameras, I'd love to see how that side cover looks installed. (in relation to the tank etc.) Thanks man. -Bear.

  3. Thanks Danny, my garage is a junk drawer of doo-dads and thingy-ma-jigs to rig stuff. Sometimes I just need to tidy up to come up with an idea for something.

    Hey Bear, my camera lens opens and retracts so I need to build a mini windscreen for it seperate from the camera and tape a cotton ball to the mic. Regarding the side cover, I tried to get some pics the day I put it on but it was too sunny out and with the reflections the pics didn't show any detail. I'll get some pics this weekend (40% chance of rain)and post to the blog.

  4. It just occurred to me that the plexiglass shields from a bench grinder comes complete with s hinged metal brackets. (Princess Auto, Harbour freight tools etc.)


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