Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Contain Yourself

I have to say, my new job has certainly given me a new perspective.

After five years of operating a forklift loading and unloading shipping containers, one spends many an hour and sometimes many a day inside an 8' x 40' dark, windowless steel box.

Related image

Monday had me supervising the placement of three storage containers by crane...

Setting up and adding counterweight

This is one side of a container you don't see everyday.

The first of three containers being hoisted

180º Spin

Talk about perspective.

Lowered into position

Setting it  down on a dime

Here comes the second one...

Setting the second one into place

What a great way to spend a Monday morning.

Two down, one more to go...

Alley Oop

#3 coming down

Unhooking the last container

What a beautiful January day, I love my job!

The view of Mary's Peak from the office

Every once in a while, turn life over to see what it looks like from the other side. 
~Terri Guillemets