Monday, July 26, 2010

What's in your wallet?

Coming back into town from Bend last weekend we stopped for gas so Bobskoot and SonjaM could top up before heading over to the coast, Trobairitz would be fueled up before our next ride and I would be good to go for my daily commute to work.

We all pulled up to separate pumps and when I removed my gas cap, grabbed my wallet from my pocket and opened it, a paper gum wrapper I had stuffed in my pocket earlier that day fell out and would you believe, scurried down into my tank. Aww crap, now how am I going to get that out of there? I decided not to top up so if I had to remove my tank I wouldn't have 30 pounds of fuel to heft off the bike, rode home instead and would figure it out later.

We had lunch with Bobskoot and SonjaM, said our goodbyes, then unpacked our bikes and gear from the weekend.

That evening, perplexed and wondering what sinks, what floats, I placed another gum wrapper in water and watched it float, but wait, isn't gasoline lighter and less dense than water? I put another wrapper a small jar of gasoline only to discover that it sinks to the bottom. So I grabbed a siphon hose and siphoned my tank, twice, hoping I would suck the offending matter up through the hose. No such luck. Then I pondered worse case scenarios by just leaving it and came up with a possible plugged petcock. If so, I could just switch to reserve, then I thought what if it plugged the reserve feed? Hmmmm, the wrapper sinks to the bottom, the petcock is gravity fed, not a lot of suction and the lines are higher than the very bottom of the tank so I hope not much chance of that happening.
It was getting late, I was tired so I left the other wrapper in the small jar of gasoline to see if it would break down, gets slimy or gummy overnight and it gave me a chance to think about it.

The top of the tank has a flange around the filler hole so simply turning the tank upside down wasn't going to work.

Someone suggested siphoning the tank and taping a piece of garden hose to the end of the shop vac and sucking it out. This brought up some urban legends and a question for Mythbusters, will sparks from electric motor brushes ignite fuel vapors?

I didn't need a visit from Fire Marshal Bill.

My only other option I could think of is to remove the tank and the petcock, drain it and flush it out through the petcock hole. All I needed was an extra hand and on the second attempt my assistant plucked it from the tank.


Several weeks ago I ordered a topcase for my bike so I'd have it for the Bend weekend. It was the same case that Bluekat ordered for her bike, unfortunately for me she got the last one that Sears had so I had to pay a little bit more and order one from JCWhitney.

The only problem, I thought I was buying a large topcase but bought the medium case in error and it arrived the day after Bend weekend. I mounted it anyway and will use it until we ge a rack for Trobairitz's bike. I think it looks alright.

I took these pics on my way to work last week as I had to stop and commemorate a milestone of 20,000 miles on my bike.


This weekend we headed to the coast to beat the 95º heat. There seems to be a little game of photo tag homage developing between certain bloggers, so this one's for you Bob.

I captured this rare sight.

We came across this old barn, the coastal air has not been kind.

And we got lost chasing forestry roads that I am going to have to return to and explore on my dual sport next spring.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

International Moto Blogger Convention 2010

Well I guess it is my turn to add my story and photos to the International Moto-Blogger Convention pile. It's been four days now and I have a terrible memory but I know that I had fun.

We headed out after Saturday morning coffee, a straight shot East across the valley floor to meet up with Bluekat and Ron. Then it was along the back roads, behind Foster Reservoir and around Sweet Home to Highway 20. This is a beautiful road with plenty of twists, turns, trees and scenery. A pleasurable ride with the group, four of the slightly quicker riders went on ahead while I stayed back with the novice riders. I didn't know what temperatures to expect over the Santiam Pass so I insisted we put our liners in our jackets and pants before leaving. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it although it wasn't nearly as cold as I was expecting and was not long before we were shedding layers. Tbolt led the whole way and scooted us around Sisters as there really is nothing there but traffic with traffic on top of traffic with a dash of traffic thrown in for good measure. A short jaunt to our destination town and we were at the Bend Inn and Suites greeting fellow bloggers. Waiting for us was Richard from Fairbanks, Alaska.

I can't believe he drove all the way from Alaska to attend our function but he did. Good thing he was able to amuse himself for a couple days with some sort of motorcycle rally in Redmond until we arrived.

It didn't take more than a few text messages to have Bobskoot and SonjaM arrive.

And before I could check in, unload my bike and turn around, Conchscooter was shaking my hand goodbye and we were off to make our lunch reservations. It was good to meet you, even if it was a short visit. Evidently, when you run with tech geeks just a few swipes on a cyborg phone gets you a table for 9 at the most exclusive restaurant in Northern California faster than than you get your helmet on.

I learned that we were in the Old Mill District at Flatbread Pizzaria, a fantastic place and very good food. Thank you Stacy and Stacey for the suggestion.

Rick left to catch up with some other friends of his to catch a Bare Naked Ladies concert in the park across the river and then to Portland in the morning.

It only took a text message or two to catch up with Irondad and we were "on our way" to meet up at his motel room.

We spent the hot afternoon ducking the heat until the sun set and then we were off seeking a late dinner. We went back to our motel to park our bikes, drop our gear and change clothes before walking over to Shari's for a bite to eat.

The next morning we were already seeking shade while repacking the bikes.

You don't need ATGATT when you're just scootin' across the parking lot.

Then we met up at Black Bear Diner for breakfast.

Stacy and Stacey were off on their own way while I led the group of six back over the pass.

It was much too soon to say goodbye to Bluekat and Ron, we were having so much fun. We took time to have one more laugh, a few photos and we were off again.

Trobairitz and I led Bobskoot and SonjaM home where we hopped in the car and went for a late lunch/early dinner at Cafe Yumm. We were all tired of oversized portions of American road food and opted for light sandwiches.

We saw Bob and Sonja off, promising to see them again soon.

All in all, a great weekend with some new friends and familiar bloggers.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a croc...

All this talk of crocs, pink crocs, yellow crocs, green crocs, new crocs, so if I'm going to talk the croc I'd better be able to walk the croc.

Introducing one croc,

two croc,

old croc,

blue croc,

Received as a gift from brother Bear, I've had these crocs for a couple years. They get used in the garden and me being the frugal Scotsman that I am, too cheap to buy another pair, I cleaned them up and added some Canadian flair by means of some Jibbitz.

I was messing around with the camera last weekend looking for that Corona commercial vibe. There isn't a tropical beach nearby and I prefer my own backyard anyway...less people, here's a shot of us relaxing on the back deck avec crocs.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

It will be mine...

Several months ago I stopped by Eugene Cycle Parts to say hi to Rod and to see if he still had the two 2008 Triumph Tiger 1050s on the floor. We walked in the door and a couple of old riding friends were there checking out the bikes. Unfortunately, this was the last time I would talk with Riley before he passed away, but Ron whom has several bikes and owns both the 2006 and 2009 Tigers offered great advice on both models.

I ummmed and awwwwed, put some thought into trading the America for a Tiger and just couldn't decide. A couple of months later I was back down at Rod's shop taking his demo for a test ride. Wow, what a bike!!!

I love the look of the new 2009 model.

Fortunately I did not rush into a foolish financial move. There is just something about the America that I know I would kick myself for letting her go.

The 2006 is more off road oriented and is more what I am looking for.

So I decided I could keep the America, save my pennies and search for a pristine '06 model. The best of both worlds, but a comment was made in the shop that first day, a rumor about a Tiger Cub with the 675 triple motor. Several searches online confirmed the rumor so I thought it best to wait.

I am the first to admit that I procrastinate and today it paid off, the rumor was not only confirmed but word has it that it will be an 800cc adventurer. I was excited for a 675 Tiger Cub, but I am stoked to learn of an 800.

This marketing campaign is not helping:

Here at Triumph, we're really busy developing two brand new adventure bikes. It'll be a good few months before they're ready.

EDIT: more pics:

Oh yes, it will be mine.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Days Ride In 2010

Today was the 2nd Annual Independence Days Ride In Motorcycle Show in Independence, Oregon for Independence Day.

Trobairitz, Rick, Gil (a fellow forum member) and I rode North to Independence early this morning to help Brandon (another friend and forum member) set up tents, man the registration and make sure riders were checked in.

We had a great day, the weather was beautiful, sunny, warm and we couldn't have asked for a nicer day.

This mid 90's Indian won the Vintage Class

Trobairitz's 2009 TU250X, although no prize awarded, placed 2nd in vintage.

This VRod won best cruiser

The Bimota won best Sport

and a Triumph Tiger 995i behind this GS took ugliest bike

The voting wasn't taken very seriously but we all had a good time anyway.

Happy 4th America, play safe.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Birthday Canada.

I hear the Queen is visiting. I had to look up online where in Canada she was visiting, as our local news station simply stated she was in Canada. You know that tiny, little, insignificant country to the North. The second largest country in the world. The United States' greatest trading partner. It is unfortunate that the US is censored from any news or information from Canada, I don't know if Americans are afraid they'll discover universal health care, or that they've been spelling colour, flavour and neighbour incorrectly. Maybe they are still holding that 198 year old grudge.

Of course I tease, I tolerate Bob and Doug jokes, eh comments and oot and aboot mocking throughout the year. I swear everything that most Americans learned about Canada is from the nearly 30 year old movie Strange Brew.

I mean come on, those are stubby bottles for crying out loud.

Anywho, I wish family and friends happy, safe and fun Canada Day celebrations. Party on fellow Croc wearing Canucks.