Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day, Oh Yeah!!!

What to do when you have the day off and it dumps six plus inches of snow and counting?

So much for going for a ride...

Sorry Lucy, no ride today.

But wait! What's this? Hmmmmm.....

Should I? 

Cue maniacal laugh, mwahahahahahahaha...... 

Ho, ho, ho!

Pushing the XT out to the driveway is the easy part, the question is will she start with it so cold outside?

Suited up!

...and she's warming up!

Never let fear and common sense stand in your way.

I should have gone out earlier as I couldn't get any traction where cars had compacted the snow so I rode around the neighborhood on the shoulder. I spun out and dropped it once then decided to come home and play in the front yard instead.

Too much fun!!!

Since I was suited up, I may as well play some more.

Snow Angel by Aerostich

Brrrr, that cold!

Snowball fight?

Why take the car when the bike will do...

Who needs all wheel drive?