Sunday, April 6, 2014

Huh? Wha? Is it Spring?

No worries, I didn't miss the first day of Spring. I did manage to ride, although it was just my mundane, uneventful, 22 mile commute along a fairly straight, four lane highway, it was still a ride nonetheless.

Evidently, I seemed to have disappeared from the blogosphere (Trobairitz keeps my updated on everyone) as my job has taken me away from the computer and somewhat off the grid. This is a good thing, I am enjoying my new job and find it hard to believe it has been over a year. I've finally earned some vacation time now and look forward to some rides this summer.

We managed to get out once this year for a couple of covered bridge photos that Trobairitz wrote about, but that is all so far. The weather just seems to be so slow to warm up and the Oregon rain is making the pleasant and dry riding days few and far between.

I've been keeping busy in the garage chasing an electrical gremlin and charging issue in the Tiger by replacing a rectifier, only to discover that the culprit was simply a 30 amp fuse. Fortunately, I was able to return the rectifier and put the old one back in. Who knew the charging system was fused?

Then recently, I  wired both of our bikes up with Hyperlites, because you know, once I get something working fine I can't just leave it well enough alone.

These are great lights and seem to be doing exactly what they are designed to do, waking up inattentive drivers.

Other than a bit of yard work, a few honey do projects here and there, and one weekend teaching, it has been a quiet Spring so far.

I did manage to sneak a solo ride up to Oregon City this weekend for a Team Oregon instructor update presented by our very own Intrepid Commuter.  It was a good day, as I learned a lot and I was able to meet other instructors that I had not met before, and catch up with a few instructors I've either worked with or known prior.

I enjoyed the ride home, pretty much staying dry for most of it, but I realize how out of shape I am for riding. Less than one hundred miles and I was ready to get off the bike. Not only do we need to sharpen our mental focus coming out of hibernation, apparently physical reconditioning is required as well.

Happy Spring!