Sunday, June 21, 2009

Side cover recover...

The side cover on the Triumph Bonneville including the America and Speedmaster are designed to replicate the oil tanks of the older Triumph Bonneville. Last fall I was checking out ebay and came across a side cover for my bike and thought how cool would it be to have it custom painted.

So I bought it and shipped it to the best painter I know, my brother Barrett to paint it for me.

I emailed numerous photos of the bike along with the paint codes and let him have at it. It was a winter project and I was in no hurry as I had kept the original cover to use.

Finally, after a long winter I got to see Barrett and he brought the side cover. From his own design, both of us being Canadian and my love of plants, he came up with a masterpiece...

He used the red paint code from my tank for the veining in the leaves and the gold from the pin striping as accents.

After mounting it, showing it off and receiving the best compliments, a friend commented if he let his brother paint his bike for him, it would have had purple unicorns all over it. Well, that makes my brother better than his brother.

I cannot seem to capture the detail with pictures. The only thing I don't like about it is that you didn't sign your work, oh darn, I'll have to ride the 600 miles North for your autograph.

Thanks Bear, you are the best!!!



  1. That is awesome! But you really should update that photo at the top of your blog now.

  2. Thanks for the pictures, the colours (Canadian spelling) look better than I had imagined on the bike. I especially like the way the gold and red shift in the sun. It gives it good depth and movement. (which is what I was going for.) "Stay golden Ponyboy" - Bear.

  3. I was gonna say what Danny said..but he beat me to it.

  4. Beauty! I love it when paint jobs are done so tastefully and have real personal significance. So, how long have you been riding in the driver's seat?

    I'm on my third bike, been riding since 95. I started out on a Honda Shadow 600, then a Honda Ace Tourer 1100, (I loved that bike, the tranny went bonkers-in retrospect I wish I'd had it rebuilt) and now I have a Honda VTXr 1300. I camp off the bike but haven't made it much further than 1 or 2 states away. Now that my boys are both in college and I get almost 5 weeks vacation, that cross country trip is looking more feasible. Ride safe and keep that paint job nice and shiny.

  5. LOL! I thought I was talking to your wife. I forgot I followed the Troubadour link. I'm assuming you've been riding for quite a while.


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