Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Age of Aquarium...

Brandy and I watched the skies Sunday morning and Googled weather maps trying to decide if we should take the bike to Newport. What's a little rain?
We had planned weeks ago to meet her brother Tiger and his fiance Tanisha in Newport to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Tiger lives in Coos Bay and rides a Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe, I don't hold it against him, he's family. We all planned to meet on the bikes and after texting and referring to web cams and weather reports we suited up and headed out.
I am not a big fan of Hwy 20 to Newport as it is the main route for lumbering motorhomes towing boats or testosterone trucks trailering quads to the beach. Not to mention the OSP presence, not that I would ever speed, but the one time I'd pull out to pass some tourist traffic they'd be waiting. The other highway is so much less populated, you can keep a safe rhythmic pace and the scenery is worth slowing down to appreciate.
We were expecting the rain but not the cold. It wasn't unbearable but surprisingly chilly for the end of August, a beautiful road for an Augtober day nonetheless. It warmed up as we approached the bay headed into Waldport and the clouds burned off to let the sun shine.
Brandy and I joked before we left how funny it would be if we saw 'TnT' ride by as we approached 101. Well, sure enough the bright white flash of his Harley streaked by, I couldn't have timed it better if I tried. The signal light turned green upon my descent and traffic cleared allowing me to seamlessly roll a right turn and come up behind them on the bridge. It isn't everyday I get to roll up on a Harley rider, flip them off and live to tell the tale.

Coffee and chowdah for lunch at the Rogue Brewery warmed us back up and offered us an opportunity to visit and chat before going over to the aquarium. The Rogue may not be the best chowdah but it is consistent and it beats the tourist trap of Mo's on a holiday weekend. The Oregon Coast chowdah debate is a blog for another day.

We came upon a car show being held in the aquarium parking lot which allowed us premium parking. We were told it was held every Labor Day weekend and an invite was extended to us for next year as there are never any motorcycles that stick around all day for a car show. A capricious bunch, aren't we? Ride or show? Ride or show? Ummmmm....I choose ride, but first the aquarium.

The new Odd Water feature is pretty interesting, there is a lot to learn and plenty to see and even touch.

It made for a great ride, a great visit and a great day at the coast. Stop by if you get a chance, we are all a little odd.


  1. I really like Hwy 34 better than Hwy 20, too. The problem is that I like the quick flick corners too much. Katie says she gets seasick because she can't prepare ahead of time, they come so closely together. The road has one appeal ridden quickly and another riding more slowly.

    Right now I hear it's under construction near Mary's Peak.

  2. The highway is being resurfaced from the Philomath Junction to the base of the twisties. I cannot believe how quickly that road gets torn up. I recall the twisties were repaved 2-3 years ago and it is a washboard again. Wow, maybe it was 4-5 years ago.
    You have to pick your line carefully, which is much easier to do with a passenger keeping your speed down.
    A beautiful ride anytime.


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