Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Product reviews...my humble opinion

I take my time when making a purchase, whether it be for a couple of bucks or several hundred dollars. I research most products online, checking reviews and forums before I even walk into a store or commit to the online checkout, which may be days, weeks and even months later. Brandy can attest to this as a widow to what we both call motorcycle porn. I have spent many an hour, wee into the night reading reviews on motorcycle products, gadgets, gizmos, whatever.

I have also spent funds on products that didn't work, or were not as expected or were just a general disappointment. I wonder how many review sites, magazines and forum entries are really just an avenue for marketing new products.

Working out in the garage last night, on my bike, installing my latest purchase had me singing the praises of this new product and thoughts about spreading the word. Not only this time, with this product, but a continuing segment revealing the good, bad or ugly of many products I've either used or are collecting dust in the rafters of my garage.

I'll start with last night's project, the Turn Signal Conversion Kit from Electrical Connection. I found this on one of the forums I read and from members I trust. With the days getting shorter and many of us soon to be riding in the dark I thought $49 was more than reasonable for this bit of safety. It utilizes the normally 'dead' rear signal lights as running lights as well as additional brake lights. All the original wiring and lighting stays intact and a circuit board ring of LED lights are added around the bulb. This is not a double filament conversion you see on some bikes, these do emit red light at night through the amber lens, keeping everything legal.

Difficult to see in the daylight....

but nighttime is when this product shines...

First, what an easy install, I think I put about 2 hours into this and that included reading the instructions. I did cheat and use the quick connects that came with the kit, but to keep them all dry I made all the connections under the seat as opposed to out in the elements,(elements, bulbs, get it?). There was not a lot of room to accommodate splicing, soldering and shrink tube nor was I comfortable cutting my factory wiring. I ran the wires along side the existing wiring and zip tied them together inside my rear fender. I'll see how they hold up this winter through the rain and cold.

Another 'safety feature' (terminology I learned when I sold cars) is the LEDs light up a fraction of a second faster than the incandescent brake light bulb.

I would have to argue that now I'm in the market for an LED brake light. LEDs can be addicting, just look at any owner operator of a long haul truck on the road.

I am very happy with the look, the results and I recommend this product and the company. Components required to fulfill my order were back ordered but I was informed immediately and I still received the product within 2 weeks of placing the order.


  1. I agree with the value of extra running lights.

    In an interesting coincidence, I heard something about using the internet to look stuff up today.

    Psychologists are saying that people get to feeling sort of weird when deprived of internet access. According to researchers, 90% of people research purchases and find information upon which to make decisions online.

    They're calling this strange feeling "discongoogleated". I'm sure you see the word "google" in there!

    P.S. Where's the coffee shop in the first photo?

  2. Discongoogleated, yes, very much so and along with discongoogleation comes a point where you find yourself googleing discongoogleate only to find a disappointing number of results. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

    The first photo, I believe you are referring to is of my bike in front of Broadley Vineyards Winery on main street in Monroe across from the Dairi-mart. Check my July 6th post http://troubadourtriumph.blogspot.com/2008/07/whats-in-name.html

  3. LOLOL , YES ! I am a computer gamer=TIME CONSUMING & this also relates to a different entry you have ; "Hobby committment" is a problem I have . Internet gaming / surfing , Golf , Paintball , etc. are time and fund cunsuming fun . I go HOG wild into one when I get "the bug" . Picking One becomes the decision , and while I research online for better gun parts/ motorcycle accessories / clubs / best products & cheapest prices - I find in this Internet age you must have GREAT self control, since items you want / need are 1 click away ( AT cost + S&H ). Hence the approx 40$ of various Triumph decals in 7 different Ebay wins I have arriving soon . Thanx 4 the review , Motorcylces are so easy to "Not see" and anything including that headlight flicker device ( can't remember the true name ) are great ideas .
    So , while I don't have a garden per se' ( we do have a couple Jalapeno & tomato plants ) it's the same decision:which hobby do I want to enjoy ? Although cycling is more weather oriented & computers are not....


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