Friday, December 2, 2011

Somebody stop me

I have to either find some way to fund this little project or someone to talk me down. I want to marry these two Craigslist buys together:

Stella Scooter Tangerine 2 stroke - 235 miles! - $2400 (Canby)

Date: 2011-11-27, 12:16PM PST

Selling my beloved 2005 Genuine Stella Scooter 150 cc. 4 speed. Only 235 miles! I bought it this summer, but now have to part with it because of a job loss. I am the 2nd owner, original owner bought it in 2006 and only put 70 miles on it, then let it sit. New battery, Tags are good until 2013, everything works perfect except the gas gauge (common with stella). Some minor light scratches. No dents, never downed.

Clear title, cash only.





Cozy Scooter Sidecar - $800 (Oregon City)

Date: 2011-11-25, 11:33AM PST

Cozy scooter sidecar. Purchased from Scooterworks in 2005. All metal body, 12" wheel and tire, windshield, locking trunk, luggage rack, tonneau cover, folding passenger top, and mounting brackets for Stella or P/PX Vespas. Actually will fit most classic Vespas (the Cozy sidecar site has additional information on all compatible models). Will fit the new 4T as well as the 2T Stella. In good condition with some minor signs of wear from 5 years light use. The chrome rack and sidebar show some corrosion and will need replating or painting. The orange color matches the orange Stellas of the middle 2000's. Asking $800.

Except now I've discovered classifieds.

2008 Stella with sidecar

Year/Make/Model2008 Stella with sidecar 
DescriptionStella has less than 1200 miles. Sidecar has less than 300 miles. It's in great shape and runs perfectly. Easily rides with two grown adults at approx. 45MPH. Gets about 50-60 MPG. $4,000 OBO. 
LocationBaton Rouge, Louisiana 

This one is way out of my budget.

Vespa GS150 VS5

Year/Make/ModelVespa GS150 VS5 
DescriptionVespa GS150 VS5 with rare vintage side car. Full mechanical rebuild and paint by Tonka Bay scooters about 8 years ago. Runs near perfect. Paint is nicer then factory. Coverted to a very reliable non-battery VBB system. Probably one of the coolest/nicest vintage Vespa side car rigs in the US. Runs straight and strong. E-mail me for more pics or questions. $10,000.00  
LocationTonka Bay, Minnesota 

But if someone would buy these so I won't, that would certainly help. Thanks.


  1. They are all amazing! The last one is really something, too many decisions. Have you looked at a Ural? The are pretty funky too.

  2. Got the scooter bug now? Be careful, I have heard it is highly contagious and going around at the moment.

    The red Stella with the sidecar could do it for me.

  3. A scooter/sidecar rig....snow/ice/rain will be much less of an issue....then there's the SDF: sidecar delay factor....want to make everyone who sees your "rig" smile as you ride by?

    Not the kind of help you were looking for huh?


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  4. Dar, a Ural is just too much money to justify how much I would use it. At least a scooter is within reach.

    Sonja, your posts and photos of your scooters are not helping and actually contributing to this affliction.

    Richard M. joined us for coffee this morning and was absolutely no help whatsoever. Although it was great to see you Richard, thanks for stopping by.

    I so want to do this, how much trouble could I possibly get into with a 2 stroke scooter and sidecar anyway?

  5. The red one is a beaut! It's only money, go for it!

  6. Sorry for not being much help. I guess I should've offered to help get it on top of the Subaru... Or is that not the help you are referring to?

    Yes, it was great to see you both again as well as the others (whose names I don't remember already)


  7. Yeah, and if you can't get it on top of the Subaru, we have a small trailer and a pick up you can borrow ;)

    Those are seriously cute. Now I want a scooter with a sidecar. Dang it, I gotta stop reading these posts!

  8. Troubadour:

    You have to go for it, even it it's just a spare for your guests. Remember, think of your guests, we will thank you

    Riding the Wet Coast

  9. Or you can ask a Georgian neighbor go pick that Louisianan one up and figure out how to get it over to you... ;)

    Yep. You aren't gonna get anyone talking you down from here. Did you really expect us to? Hehehe

  10. It's always fun to encourage others to do foolish things, I do it too. I seriously considered pulling the trigger, discussed our financial situation with the CFO and I talked myself out of it. Sorry. It is on the list... just not at the top.
    You are all great and I thank you.


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