Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Favourite Five

Roger Fleming of All Things Rogey posted the following challenge:

Well  the year is drawing to a close very fast, Christmas will be upon us in just a days.  So here is a little challenge for you.   Post your five favourite photos of 2011.  Tell us why you like them.  It could just be you like the pic or it could be more personal or of great meaning to you.  The only rule is that you have to have been the one who took them, and there must be at least one of you.

While going through our photos from the past year it was interesting to see which photos I actually took opposed to which photos Trobairitz took. That narrowed the search considerably since she bought a camera this year and I now rely on her to document our adventures through photos. Everytime I turn around she is off snapping pictures while I'm busy checking the map, setting up camp, rustling around in the saddlebags for something or taking care of important business. She is just quicker to get the camera out.

Anyway, here are my five and why:

 On the Range

I took this photo trying to mimic a photo that Irondad took of my bike alone during my first audit of the Team Oregon class. This one is of both our bikes where he was the instructor and my mentor during my second audit. The beginning to what I hope is a long and rewarding journey teaching motorcyclist the fundamentals of riding.

 Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. 

This covers the one photo of me (and my best friend). We were in San Francisco for her birthday, walking down the stairway from Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill. It was early in the day so morale was still high. The day ended after an 11+ mile walk around SF... good times.

 She always wanted to see an aircraft carrier.

This was the next day was spent in Alameda on the USS Hornet. There are many photos of her goofing around when put on the spot, but more so I love her laugh and shy embarrassed grin that follow these impromptu poses.  

 Crater Lake

This one is on our first moto-camping trip together to Crater Lake, we've been on overnight trips but this was our first self-contained camping trip on the bikes. A great accomplishment for her, showing how much her riding has improved during the year and how proud I am of her.

 Triangle Lake

This is another of those goofy pictures that make me laugh. I was busy heating water for tea so we could warm up during a cold autumn ride while she had wondered out on the boat dock. I looked up to notice  her reflection in the water. The lake is rarely this quiet and calm so this time of year was perfect to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Here is wishing everyone a happy and successful 2012 and thank you to Roger for the challenge and having us reflect on our ups, downs, appreciations and accomplishments of 2011.


  1. Troubadour

    Great photos as always! It was a hard challenge to do wasn't it. I find because of motoing I have snapped more pictures this year than any other time of my life and it was well over the 2,000 mark. It was hard whittling it down to just five.

    I love the picture of you and Trobairitz together, you both look so happy and your joy comes shining through. I think my next fave is Trobairtiz posing on the dock. I also like the one of the bikes at your bike course, that is where accomplishments are made and dreams begin as a motorcyclist. I can hardly wait to see 2012's 5 faves.

  2. Excellent selection of photos. Good balance of life, love and motorcycles. :)

  3. The pictures show you two are an awesome couple, a good team and excellent riding buddies. Soulmates come to mind.

  4. Mate great pics, the third one has a sort of mystique about it, but I think they are all great. Thanks for taking part it has been a great fun.

  5. You guys are a great team, you both enjoy riding and having fun. Great pictures. Perfect portrait on the first pic. Love the Crater Lake, I have been there, she's looking in disbelief at the beauty. Love the reflection too.

  6. Great pictures. Great couple. Great relationship. All this and a wife that rides a motorcycle as well. Very cool indeed.

  7. Nice five, Troubadour.
    I just came from Trobairitz's blog, so it's fun to see what both of you chose. I really like the one of Trobairitz on the dock with outstretched arms.

  8. Very nice! Your Fav Five give me a warm smile. :)

  9. You have put up a picture without your beautiful wife?! -:)


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