Friday, July 8, 2011

July 8th, 2011 OBDR...not

Today's the big trip. The gang is leaving today for the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route... without me.

I was planning to participate, I purchased all the gear, maps and went through the motions and meetings but as I wrote last May I had to cut the practice weekend short. Not long after, I decided that I had to withdraw from the trip completely. A lot of consideration went into the decision including a trip to the doctor's office. I was cleared to go but as the weeks went by leading up to the trip the pain and discomfort made the choice for me.

I may be off the bike for a week or two and just when the nice weather finally gets here. Why would I do this to myself? Trust me, I'd rather be out a couple of weeks now than continue to cut my day rides short all summer.

Last year I thought I had pulled a groin muscle, nothing serious just a minor strain lifting something, but when it failed to get better I feared it may be a hernia. Of course, I don't need to go into details about how men think when it comes to injuries, medical issues, going to the doctor or the US healthcare system. I've mentioned many times before that I procrastinate, I also don't care for hospitals or going to the doctor. We didn't have the best medical plan at the time either. But now with the insurance squared away I have no choice but to take the time off.

January is our busiest time of year at work and securing time off in the Spring is next to impossible. This year we were busy all the way through June but because I scheduled time off for the trip so far in advance I already have a week off work.

My reason for posting this on the blog is that I found very little information on the web regarding recovery time and resuming regular activity. I have found results anywhere from one week to six weeks depending on the type of surgery but nothing definite nor anything pertaining to motorcycling. I'm just documenting my recovery as a diary entry and to help other motorcyclists.

I'll have it pretty easy as an outpatient having laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair, unless complications arise and I wake up with a much larger incision than I expected or it turns out to be bilateral repair. I know I am making a bigger deal out of it than I should and I hope to be on Trobairitz' smaller, shorter, lighter bike within a week and on my taller bike within two weeks. My concern is my lifting restrictions, not being able or allowed to lift more than 20 pounds for several weeks.

So while the group goes off road riding the OBDR I'm off to the GSRMC instead.

Have a safe trip and we'll see you when you return.


July 9th - Seven days makes one weak.

The doctor said at least a week, what I heard was just a week.

I am doing well this morning. I have the best nurse a man could ask for, fantastic bedside manner with just enough sarcasm to keep me in line. I did fill my prescription for percocet just in case, but with my reaction to codeine in the past I'm reluctant to use it. The only pain medication I've taken is Ibuprofen and it is sufficient keeping me comfortable.

The surgery went well, doctor said it was a good size but I breezed through it. I have three small 1" horizontal incisions in a vertical row from my navel to my pubic bone. I am sore, more discomfort than pain so it feels as if someone sucker punched me below the belt. The pain in my shoulders and below my lungs from the gas they used to inflate my abdomen was worse than the discomfort at the repair site.

The reason I can't find anything online regarding recovery is because it isn't a big deal after all. It was a quick and easy procedure and the worst part of it was the grogginess coming out of surgery. It is difficult getting up and down from a sitting position but I use my walking stick for assistance. I have a little pillow that was made and donated to the hospital by a local sorority to use for pressure when I laugh, cough or if I have to sneeze. All is well and I'm feeling so much better than last night. It's the 5 days of not riding that'll hurt, he did mean work week right?

Off to Saturday morning coffee to meet the brew crew.

And a Happy 40th Birthday to my brother Barrett!


July 10th

Feeling better yet, I am able to stand up and sit without assistance from my nurse or walking stick. Walked around quite a bit yesterday, plan to walk even more today and go back to work tomorrow for at least a half day. It was great to see everyone for Saturday morning coffee although I found talking loudly to be strenuous and somewhat tiring. I am still unable to produce a satisfying cough to clear my throat and laughing is still painful (watched a comedy movie last night).
All and all a very easy and speedy recovery. Looking forward to riding next week.


July 11th

Back to work today, making me realize how often I get up from my desk during the day. Due to all of our field reps in town it was a very stressful day. It is difficult to catch up from missing Friday when a half dozen cowboys belly up to the shipping counter for a bullshit session. Sans any medication, I got done what needed to be done and called it quits at 3:00, and went home to lay down.


July 12th

I am amazed at how fast my recovery is coming along, today was much better although I did go back to using Ibuprofen. I developed numerous small rashes that were not going away and feared staph infection. Trobairitz made me go to the doctor today and learned it is poison oak. Of course it is, glad it didn't go systemic like it did last time.
Regardless, I am doing very well, walking much faster and confident I could ride tomorrow. I won't, but I could.

Overall I am glad I had this done and regret not doing it sooner.


July 15th

It's Friday, one week and I am doing well aside from some bruising which takes so long to heal. I was going to attempt to ride Max to work today, but the boys are having none of it. The sitting position against the tank is just not conducive to my recovery. I see the doctor on Monday and I feel better waiting for him to sign off on my progress.
The rain this past week has made it easier to accept not riding, I think I can make it 3 more days.


July 18th

Went and saw the doctor today, all is well and I'm clear to resume my normal activities. However, he gave me a lifting restriction of 40 to 50 lbs. for a few more weeks. I think I can restrict myself to 50 lbs. a lot longer than that, I've done my tour of duty and don't have anything to prove.
Overall, the week to 10 day recovery was well worth it and I feel so much better than before the surgery. I've passed that point now where the pain recovering is less than the pain and inconvenience of dealing with the hernia. So don't hesitate, get it done and if anyone has questions, don't hesitate to email me.

I'm back in the saddle again.



  1. Troubadour:

    much like you I also procrastinate when it comes to Doctors and other stuff. Don't rush the healing process, or you could be worse off. enjoy the good weather and DO NOTHING, perhaps a bit of cloud watching.

    take it easy and enjoy the new car

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. That is a bummer mate, I know you were looking forward to that trip, heal up fast.

  3. Procrastination, eh? You must be Canadian...
    The laparoscopic surgery is as less intrusive as it can be. I hope everything goes well and you can hop back on the bike in no time. Take care!!!

  4. Yes, don't rush the healing process. I had laparoscopic surgery last year and it took a month before I was allowed to ride. And I went with others due to the 20# limit. By 6 weeks, it was pretty much back to normal though you will probably really feel it if you have to pick up your bike.

    As Bob suggested, take it easy.

  5. All the very best Troubadour. You've touched well on men's procrastination when it comes to medical stuff! Had my hernia fixed about 10 years ago after putting it off for over a year which meant meant more than laparascopic surgery by the time I finally plucked up courage. Even so, it was only an overnight stay followed by a gentle 6 week recovery. Almost no discomfort at all following surgery.

  6. Thanks for all the well wishes, I am home and doing well but I am sore. I went under at 1:45, the procedure was an hour and recovery room another hour. I was released just before 5:00 and I am just shaking off the anesthetic and drowsiness now at 6:30.
    It is difficult not using those muscles you use for everything and I have a fantastic nurse with me. I'm trying not to cough or laugh and I'll post up tomorrow.

  7. Nice that you kept adding the updates. I was wondering if you actually were able to go riding after a week. I think that I would just enjoy the break.

  8. I'm so sorry that I have missed this! I am glad the surgery was easy and recovery has gone so smoothly. Also glad that your nurse was able to see you through to the end and not duct tape you down to the sofa. ;)


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