Friday, July 22, 2011

Cleared for take off.

I went to see the doctor Monday morning and he cleared me for take off. So following doctor's orders, I did.

Perusing my Benchmark Atlas of Oregon and messing around on Google maps I put together a ride loosely based on Fuzzy's 3 day, 3 items, $300 Scenario and inspiration from a friend whom just got back from a ride about Southern Oregon. We both had the week off so I loaded the bikes Tuesday night and we left Wednesday.

Although we did take more than 3 items, we did manage to spend less than $300 over 3 days including meals, fuel and accommodation for 2 riders and 2 bikes. I know Fuzzy's intent was as a solo rider, but there was no such a clause in the contract. I suppose I could pare it down to 3 items each if I took the camera, GPS and toiletries while Trobairitz took a map, food and a change of clothes (I said loosely). Regardless, we lived pretty lavishly on $300 and wouldn't have known what to do with the other person's $300.

Mileage was short for three days at 477 miles but this route was single lane, no painted lines or posted signs forest service roads and a novice rider. When you're 50 miles deep in the woods, midweek, without seeing another car for hours, damn straight I used both the GPS and map to figure out where we were.

Let's see, the GPS says we're here... now where's here exactly?

Yes, I got lost a few times but can you blame a guy when he's faced with this!

Now look closer.

Notice anything funky about this map?

For the life of me I could not get my bearings short of standing on my head. What kind of person posts a map upside down with South facing up and North facing down? The answer.... a woman! That's right, I said it. Only a woman would turn a map upside down to read it and thankfully I just happened to have one with me because I never would have gotten out of there without her.

My GPS wasn't any help either. Tootling around close to home, I know where I am and which way is North for the most part so the screen on the GPS is set to rotate around my icon. When you're in a strange neighborhood let alone the woods this is not such a great feature. I went into the menu and set North facing up so my icon would rotate instead of the map. No more getting lost, right? Good thing I had the map too.

We made it South to Reedsport and the coast to stay at the mother-in-law's. We were going to surprise the brother-in-law too but he was out of town on business. Thursday we were Southbound to Coquille and Powers which is pretty much the end of the road as it turned into forest service road 3348.

I thought it was great, the Tiger eats roads like this for breakfast but I sure wouldn't want to do it on a Suzuki Gladius.

We stopped a lot for breaks, views and vistas.

But with the quality of the road, the incline and descending tight turns, my poor navigator was beat and plain tuckered out.

I had to get her into town and fed so we were off to Wolf Creek Inn for the night.

to be continued...



  1. Back in the saddle, yeehaw! Looks like a gorgeous road, and hey there is some blue sky, too. Can't wait to read more about the trip.

  2. Welcome back to the land of the riding. Yay!

    Looking forward to more.

    Sounds like your need to take good care of your poor, beat and plain tuckered out navigator, unless you want to stand on your head. Maps like that drive me crazy, which often is a very long drive.

    Thanks for the share.

  3. Hmm...I thought men never got lost. ;)

    That looks like a perfect, satisfying adventure. Great roads and scenery and company. Did the navigator get a little thoughtful pampering?


  4. Wolf creek...............isnt there a movie with the same name? Looks like fun though.

  5. Funny comment about the map...

    The pictures are great and it looks like you both had a great trip. What makes the Gladius more difficult to ride on the gravel? Tires? Suspension travel or geometry?

    Just wondering.


  6. @Dave, the tent and "billy" (I had to Google it), will make the next trip. I have to ease her into these things lest I encounter Newton's Third Law of Motion.

    @Lori, men get lost all the time, it's just that they never ask for directions. And yes, my navigator gets thoughtful pampering lest I encounter Newton's Third Law of Motion.

    @Roger, yes evidently there is a 2005 Australian horror film of the same name, not well known here though.

    @Richard, the Gladius is sketchy in gravel due to a smaller diameter front wheel and street tires. The pavement was fairly rough and frost heaved in many parts so the stiff suspension and forward lean on her wrists beat her up. I offered to trade bikes but I don't think she wanted to ride a taller, heavier bike.


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