Wednesday, November 3, 2010

There's a New Kid in Town

I noticed a post from a friend, Dan Crouch of Rare SportBikes For Sale, on a popular social networking site linking a local blog. I clicked on the link, read a few wall posts, the information page then went searching for the home page to find MOTOREGON.

MOTOREGON supports local riders and involves the riding community by accepting reader submissions as well as articles from local writers.

I am looking forward to having a community-based media where we can gather, read and learn from area riders. I can only hope that a forum may be in the works.

I contacted Dane Carbaugh, introduced myself and asked if he would support our local bike night. A quick response and a reply later we worked something out.

Best wishes Dane and thanks for supporting local riders.


  1. Were you posting at work? I only wonder because I was at work, peeking at blogs and saw yours pop up. (Hey, my boss is away...I need something to fill the time!!) :D

    Nice find. I can't wait to go explore. One of the reasons I got involved in the blogosphere was to find information from local riders about local rides. This sounds like a great addition to the reader list.

    Thanks for posting it up.

  2. What? Me? Posting from work? Can't you see I set post times to reflect my lunch and coffee breaks? ;)

  3. You guys have roads and scenery to drool over..looking forward to seeing more on the MOTOREGON.


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