Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome Spring

Although it doesn't look much like Spring around here with all the grey skies, cold mornings, constant rain and threats of snow still in the forecast, it is still my favorite season of the year. I know that if I'm just ever so patient that the sun will come, the high water will recede and we'll see the bright, colorful blossoms, buds and blooms. The daffodils are up and standing cheerfully despite the relentless rain, the birds are coming back and calling to us that it is time to come outside, the sun slowly warming and calming the winter winds.
We aren't getting the mid 70º temperatures like everyone in the mid-west is enjoying right now, but we didn't suffer the cold, freezing winter storms and snow they did either, so if anyone deserves the nice weather it is you mid-westerners and those to the east.
Our turn will come soon enough, I am hopeful that this rainy weather is short lived and we will get a warm, dry Spring this year. The rain is the price we pay for all the green year round.

Happy Spring Equinox to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Autumn Equinox to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere.

EDIT: A friend shared this poem this morning and I had to share it here:

Golden locks of forsythia, eye shadow in shades of crocus, camellia red lips and pieris flower earrings dangling long against her neck. Cloaked in cherry blossoms, she struts herself up and down the boulevard. Spring is a whore driving us all nuts with fever.        - Deborah B.



  1. Troubadour:

    Spring is getting closer. This weekend forecast is going up to 55°F, but near freezing at night so while mornings are cool, the afternoons will be great.

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. I'm trying to stay positive despite the next month and a half of rain we normally get.

  2. Bob's right. People are still scraping their car windows, and yesterday we had snow... come on spring!

    1. It was snowing here Sunday, supposed to be nice this weekend.

  3. Happy Equinox ... don't hate us because it's been sunny and plus 22 C (our time will come!)

  4. Happy Spring Equinox to you guys!
    You're optimism cheers me up :)
    I don't mind clouds and overcast so much, but I am ready for dry weather and warmer temps. I think I miss the warm temps the most.


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