Thursday, March 1, 2012

In like a lion...

so this Tiger isn't going anywhere today.

I can't schedule a two hour delay like the local school buses do.

Let's hope March goes out like a lamb.



  1. I was wondering what we are coming in like too. Right now it is sunny, but it blew all night and was cold, so I guess we came in like and lambish lion.

  2. Troubadour:

    a Lion would have dumpted 3 ft of snow and everything would be shut down and you would have a Snow Day. It was more like a Lamb day

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. We don't need 3 feet of snow to shut everything down around here, just the threat of snow puts everyone into panic mode. Living in Canada for 30 years and I never had a snow day, but the first year living in Oregon and the first 1/2" of snow we sure did.

  3. Snow day! I recall our uncle from Alaska used to make fun of our snow driving capabilities. But honestly do you really want to share a snowy road with least us on the wet side? Yeah, we're pretty pathetic. At least when I was a kid it took a couple of inches before they'd shut everything down. ;)

    btw, Lebanon was sunny and clear of snow, but I ran into it just outside of Albany.

  4. Oregonians? Think of how Georgians react. Definitely not good. Threat of snow closes schools down. But annoying to just be getting a little winter now... :)


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