Wednesday, November 23, 2011

December to Remember

My wife will not be surprising me with a brand new Lexus in the living room this Christmas... 
 I am the 99 %



  1. Is that because you didn't put in a huge chimney when you remodeled? Or is it because you decorate in colors and not just white? I just can't think of any other reasons...


  2. Are you sure? I have heard rumours to the contrary! But hen I could be just winding you up.

  3. Troubadour:

    maybe it's time to widen your front door and make space in your living room

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. I think your wife in a million has measured up pretty accurately for a Tiger 800 XC ;-)

  5. I seem to recall a photo of a motorcycle in your living room :)

    Motorcycle in the house is better than a Lexus anyway.

  6. Without a doubt that would be nice. How the heck you would get it outside again might be a smallish problem though....

  7. I would take two motorcycles over one Lexus any time.

  8. Motorcycles are definitely easier to sneak into the house and much more affordable than a Lexus, BMW or Mercedes.
    I have always been amazed by these commercials, sure there is "well off" and there is "living very well", but to purchase a $40,000+ car without your spouse's knowledge and consent, let alone without their signature, must take an incredibly sizable income.

    And if the thought ever crossed her mind, it would unquestionably be a motorcycle.

  9. Heck I would be happy if I had an old VW bug that ran! Forget the car, give me a motorcycle and I am a happy woman. I went into my fave MC shop and was drooling over a back case for Lucy. I am a woman of simple wants, I did sit on a 650 V-Star and it was pretty sweet, but I don't think Santa (Motorcycle Man) is going to bring me one, apparently I have been unattentive and left my family motorcycle/scooter orphans for the last 11 months.

  10. Dar, a VW bug could be disassembled and reassembled in the livingroom, but I agree with a motorcycle over a car any day.
    I used to go riding all the time, leaving Brandy home alone, so we bought her a bike and now we ride everywhere together. Now that you're riding Motorcycle Man needs to ride two up with Scooterpie Jr. and join you. A family that rides together...
    Maybe take Jr. out to a parking lot or industrial park on the scooter, never too young to learn.

    BTW, if you're looking for an inexpensive trunk for Lucy, this is the one I have and has served me well for years.

  11. I think you are just playing to the wrong crowd here Troubador. I don't think anyone here would ever want a car over a motorcycle any day. So you are loading your audience base. ;)

    But I am with you. I can't see purchasing a car without spouse's knowledge. Notice I did not say approval or signature! hehe

  12. I'm so 99% I didn't even recognize the little tune they play as a prelude to unveiling the car.

    I also agree with your assessment of the purchase process. Way beyond me. Of course, most of that stuff is.


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