Monday, March 22, 2010

My Spring Equinox Ride

I make it a point to ride on the first day of Spring every year. Normally I post a group ride on the forum, plan a route and welcome my favorite season with friends and fellow riders. This year I wasn't sure I was going to get a ride in or not.

I weighed my options, assessed priorities and chose to do what every loving husband does on weekends, I tackled the honey do list. On the top of the list was to go shopping, first on the list was Premier Motogear for a motorcycle jacket. Next was Starbucks for...well Starbucks, then to the Suzuki dealership for a new motorcycle. Yup, my honey do list rocks.

I managed to get that ride in after all...I rode Trobairitz's new bike home.

I rode down Highway 213 from Oregon City, a nice two lane rural road through the country past barns and farm houses. The setting sun filtered through the blossoms of a flowering tree and beamed through a white rail fence as I came up over a sweeping crest, where for a moment I was in one of Peter Egan's tales he writes in Leanings. I wasn't riding a vintage or classic bike but it sure was a great re-enactment. I stopped for a few pics before the sun set.

I played around a bit with iPhoto's antique feature to recreate a 1970's motorcycle ad.

The little Suzuki is quite a competent bike and would serve any new rider well. You have to plan ahead regarding gear selection when approaching uphill climbs but the fun factor and agility in the corners make up for the only shortcoming I found. It is a 250cc bike and as long as you take it for what it is you'll have an absolute blast.

I think we found her bike, she feels the love and is reading Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough, anxious to ride this summer.

Welcome Spring and welcome to a new rider to the sport of motorcycling.


  1. Troubadour:

    David Hough was on the Mezzanine level of the Cycle Show in Seattle the day we met up (last December). He was autographing his books. I had lunch with him in 2008 down in Stevenson, WA at Rally Week in the Gorge.

    Congrats to Trobairitz on her new bike, and you new commuter ?

    That 70's M/C ad looks great. Just need to add some text to it

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Congrats on your new bike, Trobairitz!

  3. How awesome that the bike came to live with you. I'd love to go play with one. We are considering adding them to our list for possible training bikes.


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