Sunday, February 28, 2010

Start 'em at an early age

I had to laugh at Irondad's blog post, touche' good sir, touche'.

Now that we have both strayed and gone from motorcycle to baby blogs, I should really get my blog back on route. This may be a slow process but we did manage to mix baby clothes shopping with motorcycle shopping yesterday. We stopped into a baby clothing store and sure enough blog fodder struck. I may even be able to tie it into motorcycling.

January 1st of this year Oregon introduced a cell phone ban while driving. Evidently a hard habit to break as I still encounter many drivers chatting away with a cell phone held to their ear. I could never figure out how this habit became so popular until I came across this:

I know that children look up to their parents and it is natural to mimic adults and siblings, that's why new parents clean up their language, stop smoking and drinking to be a good example to their kids. One bad habit they don't seem to break is the cell phone while driving habit. I understand that cell phones have become an albatross and driving has become a necessary form of transportation, especially in smaller cities where public transportation isn't an option, but to package these both together as a toy is just wrong. We are teaching kids young that these two activities go hand in hand with each other.

That isn't the only model available, you can get this one too:

As a motorcyclist I beg new parents not to purchase this toy for your children, you may as well buy them a toy gun and ask them not to point it at people.



  1. Never knew you could buy those kind of toys. Interesting. I agree, start out how you mean for them to end up.

    As to my blog post, I was just jealous because your photos were so darn good!

    There's a motorcycle post on the site now.

  2. I think that (pink) set should go either to Key West or Vancouver. They know what to do with that color there.

    Yeah, they want to be just like mommy and daddy ... sad. Whatever happened to magnetic travel checkers?


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