Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I stopped at the gas station tonight to fill my bike and when I pulled up to the pump...

Was it? Could it really be? I looked two, three times at the black and white lettering of the sticker on the pump, then I glanced at the other pump across the lane from me, a tear came to my eye, it was posted on all the pumps. My quest was over, I had finally found what I was looking for, in of all places, the Wilco Farm Store and Cennex Station in little ol' Tangent, Oregon just a stone throw away from my work.

I had finally found....

Non-Ethanol Blended Premium 91 Octane Gasoline at the pump!!!

Oh happy day. I had found non-ethanol gas at another station but I'd have to ask the attendant to pull it from a 55 gallon drum from the garage and have it transfer to my bike. Most inconvenient and expensive at $3.50+ per gallon, the last time I purchased it, it was $4.50 per gallon so I was most happy to find it at the pump for a measly $2.91 per gallon.

Wasn't I just ranting about cutting expenses? Yes, but this is a cause, this is to show the man that we want a choice, a choice between ethanol and non-ethanol blended gasoline, this is a stand, I am voting by purchase and voting with my wallet.

In small town America, we still have a voice and we ethanol and non-ethanol believers can live together in harmony.

And thanks to t-bolt for finding this webpage where you can post your local non-ethanol station for all to see and show that we have a choice at


  1. Congrats on your find! I'm also lucky to have a similar station on my way to work. Interesting the same price for NE91 for you and me in MN.

    Everyday Riding

  2. I thought that Wilco station was the one with the 55 gal drum of it all this time. D'oh!

    What was the other station again?


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