Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Seattle sights

Seattle in a weekend, a whirlwind tour and glad to be home. We made it to the train station early Saturday morning, leaving our ice covered home to thaw from the previous night of freezing rain. It was difficult to commit to the train back in early October, but we are so glad we did, who'd have thought the weather would be so against us. We had to leave one couple behind as they couldn't make it down their driveway and down the hill on the ice to the level ground of the valley floor. Leaving me, Trobairitz and Rick without adult supervision.
Arriving at the station we ran into a fellow motorcyclist friend going to Indianapolis for a convention for work. We enjoyed her company to Portland where she hopped off to catch the Max to the airport. With a mere 4 hours it wasn't long before we reached our destination and were snapping pics.

Our friend and, unbeknownst to us, tour guide Rick

Arriving in Seattle and walking to the hotel.

Our rooms were ready and we were greeted with warm cookies.

We stayed at the Double Tree Arctic Club Hotel just a couple blocks from the train station and just a few extra steps to the motorcycle show. We spent the afternoon at the show trying on bikes and checking out the vendor schwag.

We met up with the PNWRiders crew for a quick photo and then stood around looking at each other. Without a keyboard and monitor nobody knew how to communicate outside the forum. We did run into Tiko, another forum member from Corvallis, but everyone else kept to themselves.

After a few text messages we found Bobskoot and Mrs. Skoot at the show but I knew he wanted to visit with his friend Chuck and we had bikes to see, so after meeting with Chuck we let them go for dinner and promised to meet for breakfast. I didn't get any pics of us at the show, it wasn't until Sunday morning I was able to get a photo.

Bob and Mrs. Skoot offered to drive us to the train station to drop our bags before heading to the international district for Dim Sum brunch at Jade Garden, another first for us.

I caught Bob procuring blog fodder

I have alot to learn about photography to catch up to Bob's level, but I listened and learned as he enlightened me with his knowledge. Thank you Bob, I am saving my pennies for that next camera.

We finished up breakfast and the Skoots had to get home so they graciously drove us to Pike Place Market and we bid farewell while making plans to meet again in the new year.

It was a pleasure to meet you both and you too Chuck, looking forward to it again.

Stay tuned for Sunday afternoon....

-EDIT: more details on Trobairitz' Tablet



  1. Been following the threads over at PNWrider too. It sounds like you all had a great time! The first pic of your friend, Rick, about says it all.

  2. Nice post with pictures that show the fun and friendship. Thank you.

  3. Brad:

    I'm ashamed of you. We are all turning into Jack Riepes, I saw that "Climb On" sign too. I have others of similar genre, as you say "for Jack" .

    It was great to get together for a day or so and have a wonderful dim-sum meal in the International District. Before we found each other I was looking all over the place for some one wearing a KILT, and I was seriously thinking of bringing my Pink Crocs to make it easier to connect.

    When we got to the border I was already tired from all that ice on I-5. There were lots of roll-overs and cars in the ditch. The border was a skating rink and when we got to the front of the line, Border Security said that the computer selected us for "a random check" so inside the office we had to go.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin


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