Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How low can you go?

It has been chilly around our neck of the woods lately. We have been experiencing an unusual arctic front that is bringing in temperatures well below freezing. The reason why I say chilly and not downright cold is because SonjaM reminded me of what downright cold looks like with her Calgary post. I've been to Calgary in the winter, hell I've been to Edmonton and to Montreal in winter, I know what -40º feels like, snot freezes solid at -40º, I've lost a car to -40º.

So I do appreciate the mild Oregon weather, the recent sunshine is a pleasant change from the cold, wet, rainy season and I admit in the past 9 years I've become acclimated and somewhat pusillanimous. I don't take it for granted that I can ride as much as I do in the winter.

I've been watching the temperature drop and have been enjoying the lack of moisture, however everyday it gets colder and colder to the lowest temperature I think I've ever rode in, 8.2ºF (-13.2ºC) this morning. And to Irondad, as sadistic as it is, the windchill this morning at 60mph was -21ºF.

8.2ºF is my personal best, albeit I did use a heated liner, heated grips and fairing. Unfortunately, due to my lack of attention regarding a battery tender, the Triumph wasn't up for the challenge, although I'm not sure I could have done it without the fairing of the Ninja anyway. A heated visor will be next because if you think a foggy visor is hard to see out of, try it when that fog from your breath freezes. A frosted visor and riding into the morning sunrise makes for a blind motorcyclist.

Tomorrow is expected to start warming up and the rain to return this weekend. What a better time to have rain return than the weekend we head to the motorcycle show in Seattle.

Although, it just wouldn't be Seattle without rain now would it.

See you at the show.



  1. Did you really just use the word "pusillanimous" in your post? Them Canadians must be serious about teachin' youngsters the 3 Rs.

  2. Yes Stacy, I did, consider it the word of the day. What is funnier is you Googled it and watched the YouTube video. ha ha ha.
    Aw crap, winter in the PNW is getting to me already.

  3. This cold weather is lame... it's snowed on the Saturday of the Cycle World IMS for as long as I've been going to the show...

    Rain, snow, sunshine... no matter what, I'll be there!

  4. Is that heated visor real? I want one!

  5. Sorry we couldn't hook up with you and the rest, but I hope you had a great time at the show. I really enjoyed it this year. Triumph USA wasn't represented, but I hope you saw the dealer that brought a few Trumpies!

  6. Ah, but you missed out on rain in Seattle. So sorry to disappoint -:))

    Heated fairing and heated visor? New and interesting wrinkles. Have to check those out as I can just imagine the personal gridlock when your breath freezes inside your helmet. No, thanks.

    The word "Pusillanimous" not withstanding, it was fun meeting you, your wife, and Mr. Rick in Seattle. I suspect we'll catch up again somewhere down the road ... but only when the temps have climbed to friendlier territory.

  7. Brad:

    It was great meeting you, "B" and Concours Rick. Time was too short. We could have used another day. We hit a lot of ice just north of Bellingham. There were lots of cars/trucks in the ditches looking like most had rolled over before stopping. Even the border was an ice rink. Hoping it was better for you down in Corvallis

    bob & Y
    bobskoot: wet coast scootin


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