Sunday, March 22, 2009

First ride of Spring

I posted a group ride on a local forum to meet at the coffee shop for the first day of Spring ride. All week I refer to several weather sites and closely watch the predictions of a warm, sunny weekend change to showers with possibility of a thunderstorm and hail.
But, if you don't ride in the rain in Oregon, you don't ride and I set off anyway.

I don't know if the weather frightened off other riders, maybe because it was the first day of Spring break for students or the honey-do projects and Spring cleaning chores beckoned but only one other rider showed up. Well, two showed up but Rick's Connie is leaking oil and he is waiting for a seal he ordered to show up, but he was nice enough to come see the two of us off. Thanks Rick.

Doug is a great guy and rides an '06 Yamaha R1, which can be somewhat intimidating seeing that 'angry wasp' fairing in my mirrors.

(stock photo, not Doug)

Until you see him one hand his bike through the turns as if on a leisurely ride...and it was. The pace was a little faster with only the two of us than it is with six or eight bikes but it was a nice change. Doug wasn't into a focused ride and stayed back, never crowding and allowing me to enjoy the ride.

I was able to look around and check out the scenery, bask in the sunshine and take note of the Spring blooms. The cherry trees were cherrying, the daffodils were daffodilling and the pussy willows were pussying.

We rode out to the coast for lunch in Waldport, up to Newport and back inland. It was a warm sunny day, no rain and yup, the ocean is still there.

Traffic was light, it was a good ride and sometimes you just have to go with your instincts and ride anyway.

- à tout à l’heure


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  1. Stac*y and I ended up taking a short ride on Saturday. We were in Albany and decided to cut over to Corvallis Rd from Springhill since we'd never been that way.

    Wish we had gone with you two, but circumstances conspired against us. :/


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