Saturday, February 28, 2009

Please shop local...

Brandy and I ran down to Eugene today, unfortunately not on the bike, as we were on somewhat of a mission to find birthday gifts, some new clothes and other odds and ends.

As with any trip to the 'big city' we always make time to stop at at least one, if not two motorcycle shops as well as our favorite accessory shop Discount Motorcycle Parts.

I've mentioned Steve and Annette's shop in a previous post and have linked their page in my sidebar. We rarely walk out empty handed and today was no exception, Brandy found some gloves and other treasures and we picked up a couple of their new designed T-shirts.

Steve proudly declared that he designed the artwork himself...

Thank you both, the shirts are great and will be worn on many a ride.


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  1. I saw Eugene and that caught my eye. I was born their. If I ever make it back up there I Will have to check out Discount Motorcycle Parts. An old High School friend down here recently found my Facebook page and posted that one of the things her remembers about me was a shirt that read, "You now it's summer in Oregon when the rain is warm". lol, How true it is. I miss the GREEN.

    Ride on,


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