Thursday, January 1, 2009

Great group of riders

Brandy and I met a great group of riders today at a local Polar Bear Ride.  These are pics from last year and it was a great turnout this year, I look forward to meeting them again on future rides.

It was warm at 50º but the Oregon rain along with the excess of gravel from our last snowfall deterred us from riding beyond the coffee shop but I am sure we'll make up for it throughout the New Year.

I have also added a Ride & Event Calendar to Tools and Calculators on the right sidebar of me blog as I have hopes to scour the internet for local motorcycle rides and events to attend this year.

Thanks all and Happy New Year!!

PS: Polar Bear 09 pics



  1. We weighed in at just a tick over 5 feet of snowfall and that's just for the month of December around my neck of the woods. I would give anything for a 50 degree rainy day right about now.


  2. It was nice meeting you and Brandy! Karen, the busy beaver that she is, already posted up some pics:


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