Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where did it go?

Where did summer go, wow time flies, I realized I hadn't written in the blog for a while. I've been busy in the yard with honey do projects. Except when it comes to the yard I am my own worst enemy.

We went for a ride on Sunday 8/3 to Metolius/Sisters and discovered a few things along the way. Before heading up the hill we pulled over at Short Bridge just East of Sweet Home. I've been through here many times before in a delivery truck but I never knew this covered bridge was there.

I am learning to actually take time to pull over and stop for pictures. But a slow learner, the only other picture I took that day was along Peoria Road, a spot I pass twice a day to and from work. Can you blame me? This is a pretty nice garden.

Over the Cascades I managed 50 mpg, two up to 4200 feet above sea level and down the other side. I normally average 40 - 42mpg riding solo back and forth to work on a daily basis and was surprised to calculate such a significant difference on this particular ride. I can only attribute it to the elevation. Does the bike run lean at a higher altitude or was she just happy with the two of us saddled up, bopping along, through the curves enjoying the cool mountain air and the ribbon of asphalt laid before us? I don't know for sure, maybe it is me, with Brandy on the back of the bike I ease up a little on the acceleration, shifts are considerably smoother and cruising speed is a little more modest. I still think it's the altitude.

We rode into Camp Sherman looking for a bite to eat. Turning off of highway 20 and pulling into a little roadside turnout, we dismounted and removed the inner linings of our jackets to welcome the sun's warmth after a cool morning ride over the top of the pass. I love the Willamette Valley, but it is nice to enjoy the dry heat of the desert every once in a while. We stretched and headed into camp for some grub only to find the lodges closed and an overcrowed market cafe. Both of us are not fans of populated gatherings so we were off to Sisters for lunch. Talk about going from the frying pan into the fire. I've been to Sisters before and I understand it is a tourist town that boasts antique shops, fairs and numerous shops of trinkets and treasures. It is evident that my memory fades, as this weekend was just as busy as ever, but one block off the main drag revealed a quiet little bakery with about three tables, perfect! We had a bite to eat then got out of Dodge.

It was a shame to ride over here and not stop at the head of the Metolius River so back up we went. Everyone I've talked to about the Metolius has raved about the camping and how beautiful the river is and how it comes from a spring in the rock hillside. I enjoy an awe inspiring moment as much as the next guy but where was this beautiful sight everyone speaks so highly. A 1/4 mile walk down to the head of the river reveals... a pond? A small quiet stream down in the shadows of the wild blackberries and woodland shrubbery. To the right, through the brush and bramble, a river and a mountain backdrop, it's pretty I admit, but nothing to rave about, even a little disappointing. Meh, a whole lot disappointing, to us, to me.

As we left, to head home without any other photos, I pulled up behind a car with Crater Lake Plates and chuckled to Brandy, "Crater Lake better be awe inspiring, it warrants a license plate and it's on the Oregon quarter"

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  1. I think you have to remember where you grew up. If you grew up say in Winnepeg, then a sewage treatment plant would be awe inspiring and you'd want to build a dream home on it's banks.


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