Thursday, July 3, 2008

The wind...screen

I am discovering that the wind and I have a funny relationship, not to be confused with my relationship with breeze or gust. Breeze is always welcome while gust hardly ever is. Wind is more constant but not necessarily consistent.

I have been fighting for sometime now with windscreens on bikes. I have never had any luck with any screens on my bikes except for my first street bike a Honda CB750Four.

I have always ridden naked bikes and my aversion for windscreens didn't start until I tried to extend the riding season on my KZ. I started searching on ebay and purchased a used handlebar mounted screen, not enough protection. Back to ebay, I found an inexpensive fairing type screen, still didn't like it. I'm still undecided on the third attempt, a cafe fairing sitting in the rafters of my garage.
I finally upgraded to a full fairing sport tourer, a 2001 Triumph Sprint ST, a great bike for winter riding as the fairing kept me warm and dry even though the windscreen allowed the wind to constantly buffet my helmet. I tried a sport touring screen, a double bubble, a Laminar Lip and even a new helmet and ear plugs. I had no luck reducing the windnoise. Fortunately the hummingbird mentality didn't stay with me long and I sold the bike for my current steed, the America.

But alas, the windscreen battle continues. After ordering a screen that didn't fit, selling it on ebay and purchasing another brand, I give up.

I am a bugs in the teeth type rider. I messed with this screen last night trying to dial it in only to learn I cannot handle looking over a screen let alone through one.

So like an old friend, I'll accept the wind for what it is. Always there for me.

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