Sunday, September 19, 2021

Google and Glamping...

Okay, I'm about done with this blogging platform, I can sign in with Safari and compose blog posts, but I can't comment on other's blogs. But then I can comment on other's blogs with Firefox, yet I can't sign in without changing my password. And if I change my password then I'm on the phone with tech support to reconfigure my Nest account. I don't ask for much, all I want is for shit to work. I can handle change, I can update, evolve, but whatever Goggle has done with Blogger has aggravated my Tourette's and they can go pound sand!

Needless to say, I'm done with blogger and Goggle. I still read your blogs, but please know that I can't comment. Many of you have moved to Instagram, whom I follow there and on Facebook, so I guess that's where I'll be too.

Instagram for Nonprofits: Tips and Tricks to Get You Started - MissionBox

As for an update of this year, we haven't been doing much but have been trying to get out camping at least once a month. Oddly enough it's been mostly on the coast, during the winter months it doesn't usually freeze over there so we can fill the water tank to use the grey and black tanks, and we can plug in so we have the microwave and a space heater (I did say glamping). 

Sutton Campground - January

Nehalem Bay - February

Nehalem Bay

Cannon Beach from Ecola State Park north of Nehalem Bay

Coquille River Lighthouse at Bullard's Beach Campground - March

Cape Blanco - April

Cape Blanco

Cape Blanco

Cape Blanco

Cape Blanco

We tried camping in the valley during the summer, but it's just too hot and dry which means no campfires. We've learned that summer is becoming our least favorite season as the campgrounds are full, the forest fires and smoke limit the number of campgrounds available which creates more crowding. Someone very special hooked us up with a spot at Timothy Lake in early July.

Timothy Lake - July

Timothy Lake

And we found a spot at Hosmer Lake mid July to take our new kayaks out for their maiden voyage.

Hosmer Lake - July

Hosmer Lake

Hosmer Lake

Then in August we turned to Hipcamp for our anniversary and Brandy's birthday. 

Cranberry Overlook - August

Cranberry Overlook 

Now come September we wait for the kids go back to school, and everyone settles back into a routine so we can get back into campgrounds. Chris and Lori are encouraging us to consider boon docking, which is surprisingly much easier with their overland rig than our truck and trailer because they can turn around if need be. Not that I couldn't, but I'm somewhat reluctant to backing a truck and trailer down a forest service road for miles after coming to a dead end. It takes plenty of planning, Goggle paper maps, and online apps, but fun and adventure awaits! 

We haven't been riding much this year either, I finally decided to sell Lucy, and has it been a long, dry, hot spring and summer making suiting up unpleasant. Also I had a minor, low speed crash at work and broke my right thumb. "Do not try this at home, I am a professional motorcyclist on a closed course". I had installed a fresh new front tire on a TW200 and while loading it into a trailer I promptly forgot doing so. Funny how my memory suddenly came back to me when my helmet hit the pavement and I was laying on the ground looking up at the sky. I was out of work for 10 days after surgery and now I'm on modified work status until I get the pins removed and finish up 6 more weeks of physical therapy. 

It's not the big bikes at speed we need to worry about, it's the small ones at slow speed that'll get you!

Speaking of work, a position at my office came available in June, and Brandy just happened to be looking for a change after being in law for twenty years. So guess whom my new coworker and carpooling buddy is. I think management wanted someone in the office to call an ambulance if I ever when I need it, smart thinking! 

Renovations and yard work have come to a screeching halt as I'm in a splint, an honorary lefty and can't pick anything up, let alone swing a hammer. Although, I now have a new appreciation for scissors. 


  1. Nice campsites. I love the Oregon coast. Boondocking has its own stresses such as finding a place that you won’t get stuck and can turn around.

  2. Beautiful pics, especially the sunsets. Nice campgrounds, too. We haven't been out and about until now, and recently spent a week in Austria and a few days more in Switzerland (posting is in the works).

    At least boondocking is legal in your neck of the woods. In most European countries with the exception of some Scandinavian ones this would cost a hefty fine.

    Hope your hand will heal soon... I am guessing that Brandy will save the honey-do list for later.

    As for commenting... I had the same issue until I changed some privacy settings, now I am able to comment again on blogger - even with Safari. I am not on Instagram and Facebook. So it's blogger or nothing ;-)

    Say hi to Brandy. Miss you guys forever!

    1. Hi Sonja! I always love your posts, such great scenic views with few people. I suspect that you have many more campgrounds and they aren't as crowded as ours are, which forces us out into the woods to boondock.
      I'm attempting commenting through Safari and it does seem to be working so far. And Brandy says hello!

  3. Been missing the posts from you guys. Bugger about the damaged mitt - but is the bike ok?

    You sure that new workmate is going to work out?

    1. The bike is fine, it's a TW which I've affectionately named Thumb Wrecker 200!!
      My work mate is working out very well, I have an in-house barista and prepared lunch everyday.

  4. Nice to see what you've been up to. I dunno if I could work with my wife. I think there'd be a funeral not long after....

    1. Funeral? Who'd kill whom?? I have a nice quiet shop to escape if need be.

  5. I’ve about given up on blogger. Haven’t been on all summer, but I miss it at times. Other social media isn’t quite suited for longer posts,but their apps are easy to use and upload photos. The blogger app sucks but I don’t always want to dig out the computer to access the web version. Even on the computer it’s become a pain to load photos, etc.

    I have seen some of your posts elsewhere. Enjoying your camping photos. Sorry about your hand. Hope it’s healing well. Good luck and congrats to Brandy on the new job!

    1. Photos are the most difficult to upload and sort into a blog post, Instagram is so convenient. Your cycling posts are awesome as I recognize several of the places you ride.
      Brandy says thanks.


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