Saturday, February 11, 2012

#29in29 Day 11

Look who we followed home today...

Meg on Bella, her new Triumph America 
We drove Meg (of Josh and Meg fame) down to Eugene so she could pick up her new bike and spent the whole afternoon among new Triumphs.

I am so happy she chose the America, it fits her so well and she looks so good riding it.

A beautiful girl on a beautiful bike, you go girl. Congratulations!!!



  1. Congrats to Meg. A very nice choice.

  2. Awesome choice Meg! Love Triumphs beautiful bikes. Nice pics Troubadour! *go team Oregon! Very excited about that for you!

  3. Awesome! Pretty bike. Love the smile on her face. Doesn't that say it all!

  4. that is gorgeous! great fit, looks good on her!


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