Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Floods

We have been experiencing some serious rainfall this past week which has resulted in major flooding that this area hasn't seen since 1996. We haven't lived in Oregon that long but in the past 11 years we have seen our share of flooding and it has been nothing like this. I've experienced road closures, I've seen farmer's fields flood and I've chased water at a nursery I used to work trying to divert water away from everything. I've even attempted a water crossing on Lucy about this time last year but that's another story. We experienced an unseasonably dry, cold December and now we are paying for it with not only high water levels but with landslides and roads washing away.

Online photo courtesy of the Corvallis Gazette Times

The local newspapers are posting up stories everyday with photos showing the high water, reporting road closures and keeping us all updated of what is happening throughout the valley.

Some residents have been evacuated from their homes due to landslides while others simply have to deal with their homes flooding.

Online photo courtesy of the Corvallis Gazette Times

The Linn County Sheriff came by my work last week looking for empty grass seed bags to use for sandbags which they offer free to anyone who needs them.

There was one accident last week claiming the life of a mother and her child when the car they were riding in was swept into a creek.

While another driver tried to cross some high water and soon discovered that it was not such a good idea.

Online photo courtesy of the Corvallis Gazette Times

More articles and record breaking flood levels.

Rick Rick even went out and took these photos around his neighborhood and of some of our favorite riding roads, thanks Rick.

Photo courtesy of my friend Rick

Photo courtesy of my friend Rick

Photo courtesy of my friend Rick

Photo courtesy of my friend Rick
We are fortunate as we don't live in the flood plain and have not been affected by the high water and are safe as are many of our friends. I was a bit inconvenienced this afternoon as I had to ride Lucy home on the main highway instead of the backroads but the sun was shining and I stayed dry.

Here is a link to many YouTube videos regarding the flood of 2012:

These roads are just south of our house. This is not me, just a video I found online, but I wonder if it is the same guy in Rick's picures.

An aerial video from the Gazette Times.

I hope everyone is safe out there, be careful and stay dry.



  1. Wow. Horrible news. I hope you stay dry and safe. Our area experienced flooding like this in 2009. Many of creeks overflowed and washed out roads. Not enjoyable and recovery isn't quick. Be safe.

  2. Sorry to hear about all this, It has certinly been year fro strange weather! Auckland has been very weird. Thanks for posting, take care. Rog

  3. And we had some serious snow up here, melting now and leaving high water levels anywhere, but it doesn't look as bad. Horrible stuff! I hope you stay safe and dry.

  4. Nice set of links/photos on the flooding. I was wondering how you guys fared. Some areas of Corvallis get hit pretty hard with this stuff. In 96 the flood waters came out to Emmons meat market. The only times I can recall OSU closing campus...96 and 2012.

    Our parking lot at work was flooded by Wednesday. On Thursday I made it to work, guided in by a coworker, but I didn't want to leave my car there. The water was right up to the bottom of the door and rising. I parked it a few blocks away and caught a ride from a co-worker with 4WD. We're in a low lying part of Salem, but a few blocks away from the worst of it.

    The young mother and child that lost their lives is just horrible. I hope the little boy pulls through.

  5. After seeing Dan's post about Salem, I was wondering how things were further south.

  6. Thanks for sharing the videos. It was interesting to see the rider's video as I had been over the same roads a couple of weeks ago. I started at the airport ( where I took my current header photo ) and wandered through Bellfountain, etc. I ended up at 53rd and Hwy 34. Of course, it was cold, sunny, and DRY at that time.

    The wetsuit think made me wonder about reactions from drivers. When I took the photos of the flooded area I rode through I kept my helmet and 'Stich on because it was raining so hard. You can imagine the looks I got from people since my bike wasn't nearby!

  7. Troubadour:

    Hope you had a Happy Belated Birthday !

    Riding the Wet Coast


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