Sunday, March 6, 2011

These Eyes...

These eyes cry every night for you.

It has only been overnight but she isn't home, she isn't here with me. It is all my fault, it was my own doing, I pushed her out the door. The hardest part is knowing she is with another man. What did I do? What was I thinking?

We spent the morning together, had a bath, went to coffee and we were playing, laughing and having such a great time. We went to Portland and talked all the way up, enjoying the sunshine and scenery.

But then I tricked her, she didn't know it was coming; I feel like such a heel, she didn't deserve this. I'm sure she just thought I was visiting a friend, but then I got in the car and drove away without her...

I knew she'd be okay but I also know she was scared, I couldn't look back to see her crying or show her my not so brave face.

Although she's with another man, I know she's safe and this will be better for her. She has a friend and she'll be warm and protected for the next week couple of weeks while she gets a new rack. Not that was anything wrong with the rack she had, this new rack will be much bigger.

She is at a friend's house who created SBKomponents and builds rack for sportbikes. Eddy's is the Honda CBR 1000RR, the friend she is staying with.

I bought a set of soft bags for offroad adventure riding and I didn't want to use the stock panniers in case she wanted to nap along the way. I also didn't want the bags to swing loosely and get caught in the wheel or chain and sprocket. SBKomponents is going to make a set of racks that will utilize the mounts from the hardbags to accommodate the softbags. I will be able to switch back and forth between the two with the simple turn of a key. It will be something new and a challenge for Eddy as it is different from the other stationary racks he has built for other bikes. I am excited to see the finished product as Eddy is meticulous in his work and uses stainless steel fasteners and powdercoats all of the hardware.

I have seen two of the three bikes on his website (the R1 photos are two different bikes) and Rick just had a set made for his ZZR.

So I'll be without her for two weeks, but if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

Yeah, I am the Troubadour.



  1. That stinks! But make it up to her when you get her back. Lovingly fill the new bags, take her for refreshments and a long stroll. Let her tell you everything in her heart and just listen to her.


  2. A heart breaking story, I hope the weather is crap the next two weeks it will ease the time of seperation. Gonna look good though. THat Honda looks very very tidy.

  3. The "new rack" part was exciting until you said it will be made of stainless steel???

    Your bike already looks great, the new rack will just make it look better.

  4. So many get new racks today that we no longer notice ;-) Oh, we talking about bikes ;-)
    That first photo is beautiful :-)

  5. When I get her back she'll have a bigger rack and more junk in the trunk. What have I done?

  6. I'm sure she is doing OK... It's like going to the Moto-Spa for motorcycles. Uncle Eddy will make sure that she is well fed, cleaned up, waxed, and even wrap an electric blanket around her if she gets cold. He is just that nice of a guy! Zedward wants me to go back out on the road so he can visit again.


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