Thursday, December 16, 2010

IMS Seattle 2010

We went to the International Motorcycle Show in Seattle last weekend. Same thing as last year, but we didn't take the train and drove up. We also had Tbolt with us, well, at least for as long as we could contain her. She was volunteering at the Women's Ride Booth at noon til 3:00 so as soon as we arrived at 11:30 she got her bearings and was gone.
We met a couple of friends that used to live around here, Eddy recently moved to Vancouver, Washington and Doug to the Dalles, Oregon.
Getting on the road early and driving directly to the show, we were hungry, so off we went in search of lunch; Rick suggested Pyramid Brewery Alehouse around the corner. After a bite to eat and visiting with the guys we were back at the show sitting on bikes.



Then I had to go harass the Harley guys.

All in good fun,

until the Harley rep pulled a knife and offered to remove the logo from my shirt. Who would of thought Harley guys would get so jealous over a shirt.

So I went over and checked out a Victory...

then kicked it over and blamed the Harley guy.

We looked at some gear,



and Ducati.

While trying to locate BobSkoot and Mrs. Skoot, the stunt show started.

It was a lot of noise and very little stunting, these guys weren't half as good as the Ducati team was last year. We couldn't hear the announcer or understand him as he mumbled and had the personality of a wet noodle. The two riders tried but just couldn't get traction on the slippery floor and didn't know to use Coca-Cola and maple syrup on the floor the night before to make it sticky.

So we gave up, walked away and went in search of fellow Canadians. While we played phone tag with Bobskoot, we checked out Honda.

And messed with the Honda guys.

I didn't know SonjaM was at the show until it was too late and was headed home. Sorry we missed you.

We chatted with Daniel from PNWRiders as he was there taking pictures.

Then it was over to Suzuki.

I kid Bob and Josh about the Wee Strom,

but had I not found the Tiger, I was very close to buying this model in this color. A very nice bike.

We checked out a few more bikes, the camera was getting heavy and it was nearing the end of the day. The crowds were waning, we were tired from being up so early and the drive so we headed out.

We made it over to the hotel, checked in and met in the lobby before dinner. We lost Tbolt somewhere...too bad, because dinner was fantastico.



  1. Lots of nice shots of all the bikes but the show looked kind of empty. Not as crowded as it could've been. I actually like the way that Harley model looks. Not too flashy and standard controls.


  2. Kicked over the Victory and blamed the Harley guy - lol!
    That was you? I knew it!

  3. Richard, there didn't seem to be as many people as last year. The crowd pics were taken about 5:30 and it was starting to clear out. Of all the Harleys, that one is about the only one I like. I may have to take one for a test ride this summer.

    Sonja, you should have been there, it was awesome...oh wait, you were. That Victory was a boat, I couldn't believe how long it was.

  4. Speaking of... The XR1200X you sat on was the only Harley that caught my attention. Maybe it's because the baby actually looks like a bike that belongs in this century ;-)
    I wonder if it comes with ABS? Or is that too much to ask of a HD?

  5. I find it hard to belive the are Harleys at a motorbike show.....shouldnt they be at the tractor show? Nice pics , I thought the Ducati suited you.

  6. @Raftnn Bobskoot reported that there was at least one old BMW airhead there so maybe it was also a tractor show...

  7. I liked the Ducati! If I only had a few extra dollars in the pocket.

  8. You sat on my future bike, the Yamaha Tenere :-) how did it feel? I'm hoping to try it out at the NY show in January. I have one on order but delivery starts in May, it's a long winter for me :-)

  9. @George, the Tenere is a nice bike, although much more motor than I need. I appreciate the shaft drive and should offer a nice alternative to the BMW 1200. I look forward to hearing your impressions from the show and final delivery.


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