Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Ride 9/12

Talk of a Sunday ride came up at coffee yesterday, the weather has warmed back up after a week of rain, cooler weather and morning fog, kids are back in school so that means less campers on the road which makes for a good excuse for a ride.

Trobairitz and I rode down the street to our old group ride meeting spot, former Creekside Coffee and goofed off while waiting to meet ORTrooper who came in from Lebanon on his Wee Strom.

We rode down Bellfountain Rd. South to Alpine and met up with Tim and Rick who were out riding earlier today to put some miles on Tim's new bike.

We all oogled over Tim's new Triumph Daytona 675, then I couldn't resist violating her. The green streak of jealousy rears it's ugly head.

We were mounting up to ride from Alpine to Alsea Falls then onto Alsea when Rick offered, then ordered me to ride his ZZR1200. The man didn't really want to ride a cruiser through the twisties did he? Nah... he wanted to hear his Muzzy exhaust and push me just that much closer to buying a Tiger. I don't know whether to thank him or not.

Off we went, a familiar route on an unfamiliar bike. I followed second in line behind Tim with Rick, ORTrooper and Trobairitz bringing up the rear. So this is what I've been missing? My feet under me, control in the corners and no wallowing suspension or scraping pegs through the turns? Thanks Rick, now I know cruisers really do ride like crap. I ignored that little mischievous voice in my head, never got the bike much over 6000 rpms (Rick wanted to hear the pipes) and I kept it civil. Although 1200cc's is more power than I'll ever need, it was nice to ride a sportbike again. I had a blast and was able to practice ready, aim, fire from my Advance Rider Training. Thanks Rick.

We stopped in Alsea for something cold to drink and Tim found that he had picked up a small nail in his brand new tire. It was holding air so we headed back the way we came so he could get home and repair it. Back on my bike, with our radios on and Trobairitz on my six, I took this opportunity to lead her through the turns and explain outside, inside, entrance, apex, exit and looking through the turns. She coming along nicely.

We stopped back in Alpine, well the group stopped in Alpine and waited for us. We chatted, took pictures and enjoyed a few blackberries.

There was talk of Quartzville Road in the next couple of weeks, stay tuned for a Autumn Solstice Ride.


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  1. That Daytona looks pretty good. I've never tried a sports bike before so I've always wondered about comfort. I've only ridden cruisers and standards.


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