Sunday, May 23, 2010

OVM Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet

This weekend was the Oregon Vintage Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet at the Benton County Fairgrounds just out my backdoor. So what's a guy to do but check it out. Saturday was the vintage ride and Sunday was the show and swap meet.

Saturday morning we met the gang for coffee as usual then Rick, Trobairitz and I headed over the the fairgrounds to get a map of the ride route. Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly the crowd they had last year but a die hard few showed up.

SPCDaytona brought his hack and we recognized another bike, Loosepart's Triumph:

The route lead the riders down Bellfountain Road to Monroe and then over to Peoria Road and back up to Corvallis so we caught up to the group at Alpine and grabbed a video. (Although not great quality, I really need a decent video camera).


With just the three of us on two bikes we opted for lunch in Eugene and we gave Wiley Coyote a ring and interrupted his motorcycle maintenance day with a lunch invite. Two of the Sushi places we stopped were closed for the afternoon so it was over to Cafe Yumm for a late lunch. Then we booked it for home missing yet another ominous rain cloud threatening Eugene and left Wiley ducking for cover.

Sunday morning had me waiting at home for the rain to stop before heading to the show and swap meet, although with this being Oregon the rain didn't stay away for very long and we all got a little damp.

Evidently Kari and Ron were at the show but alas we missed each other. However, I did run into Dan Crouch whom always shares a smile and a cheerful greeting.

I managed to snap a few pics between rain showers, but the parking lot show wasn't nearly as big as last year.

Next up, the OSU Motorcycle Visibility Day on Wednesday, currently the weather is calling for sunshine and 68º...finally? Stay tuned.



  1. Nice! I see a few that we missed. I don't know how you did it, but it looks like the sun was out in your photos. All we got was nice, steady rain. I thought I saw a modern bike sneak into the video - cheeky bugger!

  2. Nice photos! Especially the old Triumphs.

  3. Troubadour:

    I really liked Loosepart's Triumph, looks like around a 300/350. I used to have a Suzuki GS1l00L which I purchased brand new in 1981. I like to look a old bikes too

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. Of course, I love the Triumphs, but that rotary engine Suzuki (RE5) would be a nice addition to anyone's collection!


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