Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunday ride

Our local riding group was invited for a ride to the coast last Sunday by the Eugene group of the same forum. A few of us gathered and rode down to Alpine to meet up with the Eugene group but we failed to read the entire post. Normally when organizing a group ride we'll post a meet up time and place as well as a kickstands up time. This is strictly enforced as it is too easy to lose track of time and waste a half hour or more chatting, less talky talky, more ridey, ridey.

We calculated our departure time with their departure time, putting us at the meeting point at the same time...or so we thought. After waiting for 20 minutes with no sign of the other group, out came the Droids to double check the forum ride post. Ah-ha, we read their meet time as their kickstands up time which left us sitting and waiting.

They finally showed up and we were off for a great day of riding.

Video Part I

I'll get the rest of the video up soon.


  1. Troubadour:

    nice twisties with little traffic. Your camera angle was like I was sitting on your handlebars. It's another example of the "best roads in Oregon"

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Hi Troubadour
    I saw your video over on the forum. Looked like a great ride & what a perfect day for it.

    I agree with what Bobskoot said. It was just like riding along.

  3. Thanks, It was a beautiful day and I hope that both of you got out last weekend too. This weekend is shaping up to be almost as nice.
    I took the video with my old Kodak EasyShare camera, something I don't mind having mounted to the handlebars. Unfortunately with a cruiser the only mount is the bars, which is great at speed but slow maneuvers on the bike are captured as wide swaths.

  4. Bradley, nice video - looked like a beautiful day for a ride!

  5. Top video and perfect music to accompany it. Thanks for posting!


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