Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I went for a bit of a ride Saturday, just under 50 miles to Eugene. The morning started off damp and foggy but it cleared and dried up enough to make it quite enjoyable. I stayed off the main roads, avoided heavy traffic and just appreciated the ride. Just like the long distance, iron butt, big dogs, Trobairitz followed me in the chase vehicle, I needed a lift back home as I was headed to the Triumph shop to drop off the America for her 12,000 mile check up. It was due for a valve adjustment, carb sync, oil change and to finally resolve the throttle lag I have been experiencing. I left the bike down there for the week as not to rush the mechanic. I've been riding the Ninja lately, but rode the America for the Polar Bear Ride so Trobairitz could ride pillion. Getting back on the Triumph made me realize how bad the throttle lag was compared to the Ninja and how I could not tolerate any longer. I'm appreciating the fairing of the Ninja through the winter and have grown accustom to how much better it handles the nasty weather. Is it a bad thing to have a winter bike and summer bike? The America did not fair well on the 70 mile pouring down rain Polar Bear ride, it didn't go down but it wallowed through some of the gravel laden turns and intersections. The Ninja is like its name, a much lighter agile bike.
While prepping the Triumph for the shop, kinda like cleaning the house before the maid arrives, cleaning the sand and road grime from around the airbox intake, I was inspired by Lance and decided to see what it would look like without the pillion seat and backrest. Although, I didn't get any pics I like the look and Trobairitz even said it was like following a different bike. Unfortunately, my saddlebags won't fit without different mounting posts, but I could throw the tank bag on in the meantime. I'll ride it naked on nice days for a month or so or until Trobairitz begs me to take her for a ride.
While in Eugene we stopped by to visit the family and their new scrapbook store. We also stopped at Wal-Mart to look for a new camera battery. Carrying your camera in your side pocket during a wet polar bear ride makes for a wet camera, it was floating in rain water that had collected in my pocket. Thank you to Rick for suggesting to put the camera in a bowl of rice as this will draw any moisture out of the camera and it worked well but the battery will no longer hold a charge. While shopping for batteries, Trobairitz reminded me how much she disliked that little point and shoot and if we were going to put $40 into a battery she'd rather put that money toward a new camera. I love it when she whispers in my ear and she didn't have to tell me twice, but which camera? Bobskoot recommended one when we were in Seattle but I could not remember which one it was, I'd have to go home and look it up and research it some more, which in turn meant Sunday was camera shopping day.
Although, I'd love the G11 that Irondad just got, I am just not ready for that much camera or that much expense, so we went with Bob's recommendation of the....

Canon SX120 IS

Reading blogs and such, Canon seems to be a favorite, it was priced right and it'll do more than what we need it to do and allow me to play around and learn the manual settings. We drove all over the valley looking for a store that had one in stock, but it was more of an excuse to get out of the house, neglect honey-do projects and go for lunch. We wanted to pick it up sooner than later in order to fiddle with it and learn to use it before my upcoming birthday. Now I know how these motorcycle blogs end up being photography blogs. I think it has something to do with motorcyclists being aware of their surroundings and appreciating the sights and views found when riding.

I am anxious to pick up the Triumph next week, I miss her already and for spring to arrive to get out on the next photo expedition.



  1. Glad to hear someone else cleans their bike before taking it to the shop. I must confess, sometimes that's the only cleaning she gets.

    Congrats on the new camera. I think it will serve you well (Isn't that a Star Wars line?) 10X is nice. You'll enjoy the reach that it gives you. And with some manual settings it's a good way to jump into the photography thing and still have a nice compact camera. Coming from a Nikon gal...I really like the cannon P&S. I had 3 or 4 that I was looking at before I settled on the G.

    "I'll ride it naked on nice days for a month or so..."
    I'll leave some of the others to harass you on this one.:)

    As for missing your baby...be glad it's not sunny. Bikes should'nt be in the shop on a sunny day! Hope she's back where she belongs soon!


  2. And I'm happy to hear someone else cleans their house before the housecleaner arrives. Seems so backward ... but that's what happens here.

    So, another photo blog? Great! Looking forward to it.

  3. Troubador:

    Isn't it just great to be able to purchase something and not have to say you "borrowed" it from a friend ? Doesn't make sense to purchase another battery when the new one comes with a battery.

    +2 on the photoblog. It is great to have some manual settings. Makes you feel that you had a part in making the image.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  4. The real cause of motorcycle blogs becoming photo blogs is ego. At least, in my case. You see, we publicly declare that we got a new camera. Then we have to proceed to show we know how to actually use it properly. That means trying to impress bloggers like Bobskoot, Steve Williams, Chuck Pefley, and so on. In other words, pretty much everyone other than me is already pretty good.

    Or, maybe it's just fun. Not that I'm enjoying it or anything. I'm simply doing it to build character!

  5. Thanks Bradley for the nod here. I am really liking the solo setup, but it's nice that it's easy to put the pillion back on. I've always liked Ninjas - they seem to be another great all arounder!


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