Sunday, November 15, 2009

Photo Tag

I was stumbling around the interweb a couple, two weeks ago and found a comment on my blog from Bucky of Bucky's Ride. Evidently he too owns a Ninja 650R the same color as Trobairitz's.

I found his blog post about a local game of photo tag. Although I haven't had time to read all of his posts I could certainly relate to his photo tag post. He found someplace new to him and took the time to wander around and learn about the area instead of racing back to the computer to win the tag.

We play photo tag as well and have discovered some local landmarks we would probably never have bothered to consider. The most recent experience was a photo tag a forum member had posted:

This one was a little difficult to pinpoint as the were no actual identifiable landmarks included in the photo. I had a general idea where it was but with daylight diminishing soon after work I could not ride out to the two remote areas I thought it may be. This post required more of a hint and a simple request gave me a bigger picture:

Okay, I still didn't know where exactly where it was but I knew where it wasn't. That eliminated the ride north of town where I thought it may be and narrowed my search to the west of town up King's Valley. With a little help from Google Maps and a hint from a friend I found confirmation.

We met the gang for Saturday morning coffee then just the two of us ventured the damp morning fog and threatening showers to find the tag.
We rode out to Fort Hoskins and got more than just the tag, as I mentioned about Bucky's post, we learned about the history and heritage of the area.

And got the tag.

Had it not been for photo tag I doubt that I would have ever gone out there. After the tag we rode out to Summit along a gravel road. Not having a compass or a visible sun to guide us west I had an inkling of where I was headed. As Trobairitz mentioned in her post, we got a few looks from hunters scouting the area. I am sure it was a strange sight from the cab of a four wheel drive truck to see a shiny cruiser riding up a wet, slimy, remote gravel road.

She ain't shiny anymore, but she ain't a prima donna either.

We enjoyed the ride, discovered a new road and learned a little more about the area. The sun came out and I put some time aside to wash the bike for I had 24 hours to go find a new photo tag to post.

Consider this a Photo Tag introduction, I'll periodically post a new series of pics from the past summer's tags. You'll see Stacy's bike in a few and hopefully I can get Irondad signed up on the forum and joining us too. We need a few die hard winter riders to keep photo tag going through the dreary season.


  1. I tried to register on the forum but the message says the administrator has banned my e-mail address. I sent a note on the forum asking why.

    Just so you know. Aren't you the administrator?

  2. Sorry, I am not an administrator, just a modest, humble moderator. Beansbaxter is the admin and will get you set up soon.

  3. Bradley:

    we have phototag up here on the website but I never paid much attention to it before. Good for spotting the "tag" . Nice shot of your bike too, even in B&W. That Ninja is a smart looking machine

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin


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