Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Mother Ship

In response and a thanks to Irondad's blog, his apprehension of the great glass building is warranted. Had he come a little closer he truly would have been caught.
This is the view from my desk from within the Mother ship.

Although my office isn't up against the window, but just down the hall I can keep a pretty close eye on the fleet of Fighters parked outside.

Dan is crafty, circling the parking lot does make it difficult to lock the death ray on target. We will meet one day my day.


  1. Bradley:
    On our recent trip to Oregon, I was very tempted to punch your address into my GPS and stake out your parking lot but I got intimidated by your floor to ceiling darkened windows which Irondad wrote about. We were in Corvalis around noonish on our way to Lincoln City. Now from your pictures we know what is lurking on the other side of those windows. I think Dan has been to your parking lot twice (that he had written about, perhaps more). Be assured that if/when I arrive, I will knock on your window. Too bad we missed you on "the coast". I am always on the lookout for bikes and I think I would have recognized yours without any difficulties.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Ok, I'll come rap on the glass one day soon. After everybody recovers from the shock, we can exchange greetings. By the way, I sent a guy to your site. He's one of my former students looking for a sane riding group.

    Enjoyed seeing the view from the inside of the window. Have you ever been to Valley River Center in Eugene? There's a huge building next to the river that has so much black glass everyone calls it the Darth Vader Building.


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