Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back to work...

Monday was back to work after a four day weekend. I didn't get out and ride this weekend like I had wanted to, but opted to stay home and work on a project we started Thursday. We have been planning to replace the original aluminum sliding door in our house for months and I have been procrastinating just as long. I waited for a four day weekend to tackle the project in case we ran into the usual difficulties such as dry rot or unconventional rough opening measurements. We had taken up the old linoleum and floor underlayment on Thursday so we could fit the door on Friday (when the stores were open in case I needed something).

A future project on the to-do list is hardwood/engineered floors and this requires the floor transition from livingroom to diningroom to be equal in height. Why is it one project can't be completed without another started? It's all about logistics.
Fortunately, it was a clean removal of the old door and the new French door went in without incident, leaving the rest of the weekend to ride...or not.

Well, just because the door is installed doesn't mean the project is complete. So Saturday morning, down went new underlayment, just leaving door trim to be installed. I seriously considered leaving the trim for another day, but I felt my procrastination would come back to bite me. Besides I was already dusty and all my tools were strewn about. Riding would wait until Sunday.

I had the new trim around the new door by dark, but the old trim around the other two doors in the room didn't match and needed updating which meant replacement.
And there went Sunday...but on the bright side, the job is done and I really wouldn't have enjoyed a ride anyway knowing I left the job unfinished.

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