Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thanks Ma...

Mother Nature gave us a break today from the week of rain.

It was a beautiful morning ride into work. The roads were nearly clear of all debris from the heavy rains the night before. The temperature was in the mid 50ºs and the wind had calmed to a dull roar. I wished I could ride all day.

But not today, instead I sat in the boss's cage as we drove to Woodburn to tour one of our customer distribution centers. I gazed out the window of the car, watching the sun dry the asphalt as we passed over it and longing to smell autumn's warm radiant welcome after a heavy rain. I was thinking about the sun on the back of my gloves warming my hands from the exposed handlebars then up my out-stretched arms. My jacket absorbing the sun's rays, tempting me to unzip a vent to let the fall air billow though my shirt. If only I could be on my bike.

It was nice to get out of the office and enjoy the sun during the brief moments made available. The tour was informative, the three of us all took mental notes of their daily operation and discussed how we could implement even just a fraction of their system into our own warehouse. I am sure many have seen these distribution centers from the outside, they are huge warehouses with what seems to be of very little activity. I've seen many from afar and could only wonder what went on inside. These places are the equivalent of beehives, the happenings inside is the epitome of efficiency. As a logistics coordinator I nearly scratched out a resume on a passing cardboard carton...until I looked up.

Just like a beehive there are no windows or skylights. There is the orange glow of mercury vapor lighting and row upon row of racking and product stacked to the ceiling. It wasn't depressing in the least, the staff was busy working, everyone was polite and courteous, happy bees, a proud lot...but it was not for me. I've worked outside too long to not see the sun or feel the rain on my face, even if just for a moment between answering emails and returning phone calls at my desk. I do appreciate the view my office affords me, I can see my bike from my desk and I can survey the valley sky along my route home.

The sun dropped to the horizon all to quickly today but the sunset was absolutely gorgeous for my ride home.

The forecasters predict a dry and sunny weekend and into next week. I can feel the autumn breeze through my shirt already.


  1. Our rainy season has arrived. There is a BIG front hitting the Coast for the next few days with torrents of rain and winds up to 65 mph . I don't know how long we will have to wait for another warm sunny day. I don't think your weather is much different than ours. All we can do is hope for an eary Spring.

  2. We have been fortunate in Oregon this year, October was beautiful and November has been unseasonably warm. I would have to agree that our weather is very similar, both of us being along the wet coast.
    Thanks for the comment and link, I enjoy your blog and enjoy the pics of Vancouver.


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