Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's not too late...

My two favorite past time interests are seasonal and both of them, motorcycling and gardening, are of the same season. I spent the afternoon today tending to plants in the yard, transplanting some plants to make room for others waiting to be put into the ground for the winter. While down on my hands and knees, playing in the dirt and appreciating the warm sun on my back, I realized how much one hobby can be neglected for another.

I spent all summer putting miles on my bike and completely missed my Hibiscus bloom, although I did manage to catch a glimpse of the Clematis flowering. Foolishly I had abandoned my early morning walkabouts through the yard with coffee in hand. I would take mental notes of which plants were doing what and plan my evening tending accordingly. I would watch and wait with anticipation to see which plant was about to burst open with color and fragrance. I sat briefly on the garden swing this summer breathing the aroma of the Clethra, but not nearly long enough.

Not all is lost, the Clerodendrum is still blooming, the roses are hanging in there and the Guara are as colorful as ever. This is a beautiful season to spend in the garden, the grasses are at their very best, many of the Viburnums are about to take the stage with their orange, red and purple leaves and the winged euonymus divulge their more common name of burning bush.

Trees are about to change, Maples are turning red and orange, the Gingko casts golden yellow fans and the Raywood Ash is a favorite of mine for their intense purple foliage this season. I am eagerly awaiting photo opportunities and to be able to show this seasons stunning colors in future posts.

Autumn is an end to the riding season for many in the motorcycling community, hibernation sets in, but for those who hang in there a little while longer will experience the most beautiful scenery nature has to offer. There is nothing more fun than riding your bike down a country road and watching the dry fallen leaves swirl behind you while you catch yourself grinning in the reflection of your own mirrors.

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  1. Eloquent , and I agree . I have been looking at getting a Triumph for 2 years after seeing one at a car dealership owned by a service mechanic there ( it's been 8 since I last had a bike ). Finally I saw one in the paper locally (Ebay bikes were all 5 states away adding to the hassle and cost of retrieving ). I called on the bike and turns out - it's THE bike I saw 2 years ago . "I'll be right there " said I . I'm no joyrider , if I take a test drive on/in something I am probably already mentally committed to it. When I suggested getting a bike to wife-Tracy she didn't ping ( which since I just turned 40 you would expect the "Having a mid-life crisis ? / bikes are too dangerous" speech). So for a ride I went - Hmm , sterring a little sluggish at low speeds , but Hey it's a Cruiser not a Crotch-rocket . Out in the Autumn sun , nice air . As I leave the keys in his hand with a firm "Yes I want it."- my phone rings & Tracy says," If yur Gettin a Motorcycle you gotta wear a HElmet !" ... BUSTED " I saw you riding down Seymour Highway-Big smile , hair flying and NO helmet." said she. So, with strong conviction I responded," Well that musta been someone else , Because I don't have enough hair for that kinda thing ." Both laughed hard. So , got the bike , Got a new front tire ( thin faced 5 yr old Metzlers are like wax ) Rode it to work 2 days after I bought it - 39 degrees and no chaps , 4 am...But the afternoon ride home was fabulous . It's a keeper .


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