Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Solstice

Summer is officially here, on the West coast at 4:59 pm PST 6/20/2008. The earliest Summer Solstice since 1896. I like to observe the Summer and Winter Solstice as well as the Spring and Fall Equinox. It is a quiet non-commercialized occasion that passes every year nearly unnoticed by the general populace.
I try to mark each passing with a day ride, Summer Solstice being the easiest and most accommodating weather wise. Unfortunately, a wet Spring and the increased yard work that warm weather brings has prevented any decent day rides this year, other than the Oregon Vintage Motorcycle Ride in May.
Saturday I will check out a road I have not been on, Hwy 229 through Siletz and up to Lincoln City. A short, mellow ride with a few photo stops and lunch before riding back to Corvallis.

Happy Solstice

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