Saturday, February 4, 2012

#29in29 Day 4

Ahhhhh, Saturday. We started the morning off with a brisk 26º ride to Saturday morning coffee. We all diagnosed a fellow rider's poorly running bike as a faulty ignition coil then proceeded to watch as her bike was loaded onto the back of the tow truck by two inept, non-riding tow truck drivers.
The temperature slowly climbed so Brandy and I rode along the back roads north to Salem where we enjoyed lunch and then fought the Superbowl fanatic, nacho chip and cheese dip hoarding crowds at Costco to buy coffee, we drink a lot of coffee and an 48 month supply of vitamins that were on sale.
I received a phone call the other day from the plant nursery where I used to work asking if we were still interested in a rose we ordered. We had put our names down for a Tahitian Sunset rose well over a year ago but it was discountinued and the grower finally offered them again. It was nice of them to remember us and let us know so we stopped on our way home to pick it up. While in the parking lot Brandy noticed the moon in the sky.... well, hello photo opportunity.


  1. Wasn't the weather gorgeous today? We didn't get to ride but made good use of the day by walking and hiking.

  2. Nice picture! Don't you just love it when the picture op pops up so unexpectedly.

  3. Nice catch of the moon. We noticed it this afternoon on our way home. Could barely see it in the bright sky, but it was huge.


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