Friday, February 17, 2012

#29in29 Day 17

I stopped at the gas station yesterday morning to fill my bike...




  1. we just hit $4 per gallon here today. i knew i should've clicked a pic...

  2. Troubadour:

    Our gas this morning was $5.07/US Gallon ($1.339/ltr). My tank holds 22.9 ltrs and you put in approx 20 ltrs ( @ $3.785 ltr/US gal). I cannot run this low as according to the V-strom forums the fuel pumps need to be submerged in the fuel to keep cool, or it will fail prematurely. They recommend having at least 4 ltrs in the tank. Not sure if the Triumph fuel pump is the same

    we have not had gas this cheap for years

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. I stopped looking at gas prices years ago. The news is never good, or rarely good. And if it's good, it won't remain good for long. BTW, that is a rather intimidating fuel station.

  4. I filled yesterday too. $2.11 per litre here. $40 later I was on my way feeling slightly violated...

    Gonna be buying a lot of fuel this month too...

  5. It's only going to keep going up. I wish the electric bikes had more long distance range, I would so buy one of them.

  6. look over to Europe, where gas prices are at 1,60 EUR a liter... just do the math, we are still way better off over here, at least for now.

  7. Yeah, that fuel pump looks like at ATM machine or something.

  8. Well, it is to some extent. It takes your bank card, empties your account and beeps at you to take your receipt for being robbed.


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