Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#29in29 Day 29

#29in29 Day 29

This challenge was a lot tougher than I expected it to be 29 days ago. Not that I didn't enjoy participating and going the distance but at times I was running out of photos, ideas and as usual, life simply got in the way. However, it did made me look around, it got me seeking new photo opportunities and made me appreciate my commute and the scenery around me. I gave up many a photo because I didn't want to stop in the rain or just wanted to get home after a long day so I browsed through our photo album remembering trips, rides and special moments. Everyday I looked forward to seeing everyone's #29in29 posts and although I couldn't comment on them all I read and even borrowed inspiration from you. I discovered new blogs and rediscovered old ones. Thanks to everyone for playing along, reading, commenting and thanks for the inspiration. Thanks to Fuzzy for throwing down the gauntlet and for choosing the shortest month of the year, I'm not sure I could have made #31in31.

So, I'm ready to stick a fork in it.

I first learned about this roadside artwork from Bluekat back when we were playing photo tag on an old forum. I remember seeing this fork somewhere in my travels but just couldn't recall exactly where. I Google searched and browsed local forums before I eventually started asking around. When she posted it again on her blog I knew I had to go out and get a more recent photo, below is my original photo tag photo on Trobairitz's Ninja on a wet, rainy winter's eve.

and getting this tag meant I needed to post a new photo tag, so staying with the fork theme I found...

Knife River...

a hole in the wall....

...and a local greasy spoon.

Thanks for the good times and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.



  1. I'm really enjoying all the photos, thank you for posting. And I thought this was the regularly scheduled programming...

  2. LOL Bravo!!!!!!! Loved this!

  3. Agreed - an exercise in learning to see. That's part of what intrigued me to the challenge.

    fun stuff seeing the pics from the photo tag. :)

  4. See, you did it. Forking awesome! Thanks for letting us tag along.


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