Saturday, February 25, 2012

#29in29 Day 25

 If you think sheep are elusive, try getting close enough to a red tail hawk to snap a photo.


 Just as I would get close he would take flight down the road to the next fence post.

 He tolerated me following him until about the third post then he outsmarted me and looped around and headed back the other way. 

 He figured out that I would have to put my camera away, turn my bike around and play this little game of chase again. He obviously knew that he was much quicker and more agile than I.

Well played my friend, well played. Now I know why the Japanese name their motorcycles after birds of prey. 



  1. Count your lucky stars, there are worse things he could do than fly around behind you! ;)

    Yesterday on my ride I had a bald eagle take flight and more or less parallel me for a ways. He was flying along at 42 mph no problem. I enjoy seeing all the large birds around here.

  2. Troubadour - great pictures! I think I would rather have a hawk flying over me than a seagull! I drove through a flock of seagulls and scrunched down waiting for the inevitable strafing run to commence. Uggh I hate sh!t hawks. Your hawk is much prettier. We have a Cooper's hawk that hangs out and tries to kill all the little Junko's. Thank goodness for our hawthorn bush, the little Junko's hang out in there when they see the hawk coming, it can't get past the thorns.

    Well played indeed.

  3. I think you did pretty darn good. I would've loved watching that little saga unfold. Good for you for sticking with it! If you like bird pics, check out this guy's Flickr images:

    Dar, I love watching hawks but would be horrified to see one get a Junco. I just love those playful little birds. They winter in my area only.


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