Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#29in29 Day 22



  1. Was the bike a little thirsty??? Great picture. Troubadour I love your tiger! I think I would buy one if my toes could touch the ground. There is just something about the personality of the bike.

    1. No, this time I was thirsty, for club soda I don't drink and ride. When Lucy get thirsty it's a $20 bill, 89 octane and a gas pump photo ;)
      Thanks, I love her too and wish you could touch, these are great bikes.

    2. I was looking at the new Tiger and it isn't as nice as your beautiful Lucy. I may have to get put on the rack & stretched a bit......

  2. The Tiger for sure is an eye catcher. I guess the drink was for you and not for her...

  3. Good one! Tiger waiting patiently for it's rider.


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