Saturday, October 1, 2011

All this talk of cones...

Moto-bloggers practicing technique, acing exams and crushing cones what more could you ask for?

More cones of course.

"On the range"

I applied to become a Team Oregon instructor and I am beginning the journey of learning to train other motorcyclists. I get to audit two weekend classes and pass a rider skills test to be considered for an interview. This weekend is my first audit, I went to class Thursday night and observed the instructor teaching the class and took notes. It is interesting to sit in class and view the students and instructor from another perspective than taking the class itself. I am familiar with a lot of the curriculum and although I cannot comment or assist in class I am sheepishly picking up a few tips and tricks to counteract the bad habits I've picked up from years of riding.

Saturday morning started early, I arrived just before 7 am to audit the range part of the class and to hinder the instructors as they set up cones and prepped the bikes for the day of training.

I wonder if they're thinking "oh great, another photo nut taking pictures on the range"?

The afternoon consisted of more classroom, what to expect for Sunday's range session and more rider training for the real world.

Sunday is back on the range in the morning to practice breaking, more skills and a few practice laps before their skills test; mine won't be until next week but at least I now know what to expect. I'll insist on using my own bike and all I can do is mimic Roger's cone crushing attempt before I humbly beg to use one of the smaller training bikes. At least I'm familiar with riding the TU250, the new bikes that they use in class.

Fortunately another instructor arrived today on his Harley to see if he could do the offset cone weave. He did great on his first and second attempt but had to push his luck the third time and crush a poor innocent cone with the rear wheel of his hog, if I hadn't heard his verbal exclamation of his foul up from across the range none of us would have known.

I had tremendous fun today, I look forward to tomorrow, my skills test next week and my second audit the following week.

My neighbor who is an instructor goofing around on a scooter.

Teaching is fun.


  1. Awesome stuff mate, you are gonna love it , it is a lot of fun....if not frustrating. Upskillig and putting some thing back into the biking communit is what it is all about. Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Becoming an instructor - that's awesome!

    ... but I thought we were supposed to crush the evil cones :)

    Good luck with your skills test. I know you will do well!

  3. Very interesting. Looking forward to hearing of your experiences. Good luck with the tests. And those knit cones are adorable!

  4. That's fantastic Troubadour and warmest congrats! As well as putting something back into the community as Roger said, you'll get an equal, if not greater amount back for yourself. Also looking forward to your on-going tale.

    BTW, love your new background layout and the header photo!

  5. I'm with Geoff on liking the new background layout.

    Congratulations on beginning this new adventure. I expect to see more cones and hear more about it.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  6. Thank you all, I am starting the training process late in the season but hope to get my audits and interview done this fall and hit the ground running as an apprentice come Spring. I use the blog as a journal so you'll see snippets throughout my training.
    And with the changing of seasons come the changing of my blog background. I try to change it 4 times a year to coincide with the solstices and equinoxes, Dec. 22nd will be the next one. Thank you for noticing.


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