Friday, September 23, 2011

Connecting and Neglecting

I know I haven't been posting a lot lately, we shut off our TV and have been busy doing other things instead like fixing bearings, bleeding brakes and soon to be changing tires. We've been riding our motorcycles, enjoying summer and traipsing to San Francisco, you know... life.

The most important thing we did was shutting off the TV. After my surgery it was too easy at the end of the day to shut off our brains and zone out in front of the tube until it got dark and then drag ourselves to bed. It's amazing how busy you can be when you take the time to do something, anything.

Then there is the computer and social websites, I was connecting and neglecting, they don't call it "wastebook" for nothing. Forums, Netflix, Facebook, Google+, Craigslist, ebay, when does it end? It ends now. I've neglected the house, the yard, the blog and I've wasted too much time watching videos, reading status updates and commenting on other peoples lives. When I need to be reading the stack of magazines I have on the coffee table, the books sitting on the bookshelf, the blogs you all put so much time and effort into for yourselves but share with us as well.

We shut off the TV, cancelled Netflix, locked down facebook and stopped logging into the forums every hour on the hour. Netflix made it easy with the whole Netflix and Quikster fiasco, they want to change our accounts and separate DVDs and streaming. I was mad at first but realized my energy could be focused elsewhere and closed our account.

Then facebook completely revamped their whole webpage and changed the way they share your information. You think Big Brother was scary, there's a new thug in town.

Google+ is the new social network, I gave that a try until I was banging my head on the desk. Plus one this!

Connecting with friends at Saturday morning coffee every week, bike night once a month and checking the forum once every other day or two should suffice. There is always email and although I despise the cell phone I suppose I could open Skype once in a while.

Anyway, amongst all the online social interaction, we have gone on a few rides. Some on our own, some group rides and a couple of more intimate rides with another couple, Josh and Meg. Trobairitz wrote a bit on our rides so I won't reiterate, but she did leave out the best part at the peacock park.

We met some kids that invited us to go sledding. ATGATT!!!

This is a completely new concept to this Canuck as I never heard of sledding down grass slopes in the middle of summer.

Simply find some cardboard or nylon sheeting, climb a hill and go.

I haven't ROTFLMAO like that in a long time.

Ahhhh, reminiscing.... good times!!

Can't do that on facebook, how's that for a 'Like'.


Trobairitz has been posting our adventures in San Francisco but hasn't got to Sunday yet when we went to Alameda. She wanted to go see the USS Hornet, a World War II aircraft carrier. I won't spoil her tale but I encountered something much more fun than a big old ship.

We boarded the BART system to Oakland and hopped a bus to Alameda. The bus dropped us off just outside the Naval Air Station so we walked a few blocks. We didn't see the MythBusters but could see the Hornet in the distance.
When we came around the corner I had to stop to take a photo, what wonderful fun is this?

What a great photo op, of course you know of whom I thought.

But then we got closer and spotted... *rubbing my eyes*... could it be?

with a Hi-vis jacket on the ground beside her?

Irondad!!! We found your doppelganger!!!! Or did we slip back in time? A younger, dapper Dan?

To train and to learn under the watchful eyes of an aircraft carrier would be pretty cool. I could've stood there all day watching bikes go round and round.

Even from the control tower...

the captain's chair...

and the flight deck, I did.

Seeing these bikes on the course gave me something to think about, now I have all this spare time.

"A tribute to learning is teaching." -Wise Saying from the Orient


  1. Congratulations for shutting off the TV. And all of the social network stuff really seems to get in the way. I only check Twitter about once per day and I can't see what Google+ is all about (glorified Twitter?). And I never got sucked into Facebook with all of its security complexities. And I don't really think I'm missing anything at all.

    You are a lot braver than I for taking on grass surfing or what ever it is called. Good luck with the simplified life!


  2. Tobogganing (sledding) like a true Canadian! Glad to see you didn't bail on your first run and that you made it the farthest. I would have been disappointed if you didn't kick some grass!
    Oh and nobody ever dies saying that they wished they spent more time on Facebook.
    However, there is a little girl here (who can even say a few words)that I would like to have a good relationship with the Aunt and Uncle that she started her life story with, so we should set up a Skype system.
    Keep up the fun, it looks good on you!

  3. Tobagoing..sounds like fun, sands duens would be good to.

    Very impressive pics of the aircraft carrier....the NZ navy is broken down at the

  4. Lovely Princess:

    for a moment I thought you had run into Irondad, but then SF isn't in Oregon.

    I'm not ready to shut everything off just yet but I would be in heavy withdrawl without the 'Net

    It must have been hot bombing down the hill . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Great post and sentiments! I like the Fall look here.

    Thanks for thinking of me. I'm honored and flattered! I wonder how distracting the ship and tourists are to the students.

    For the record, I was probably young, once, though I can't remenber for sure. I do know I was never Dapper!

    You can't imagine how many memories came flooding back from seeing the ST1100. Now I have to go look up Doppelganger or whatever that word was.

  6. @Richard - you are not missing much, I am chained to a desk all day so it is nice to disconnect in the evenings and weekends.

    @WAF - I have a skype acount, email me.

    @Raftnn - there is dune surfing on the coast, a riding buddy has done it and suggested we try it too.

    @Bobskoot - I connect on my breaks at work so it's all good, no withdrawals. I haven't had so much tobogganing in a very long time. I'm trying to think of some hills around here to try.
    -signed "Pretty Princess"

    @Irondad - Having denied ever being dapper maybe it is you that is the doppelganger. I saw the ST1100 first and couldn't believe it when I saw the hi-vis jacket too, it was all too weird.
    See you on the range.

  7. I did have a chuckle at all of the BRC pics snapped from all over the ship. I can imagine Trobairitz going on about dimensions and pounds per square inch...and you are craning your neck around trying to catch any glimpse of a motorcycle. :)

    Nice form in your tobogganing. People are going to see Josh and wonder how he got grass stains on riding clothes.

    Turning off the TV is great, isn't it? Did that for three months of my life and actually loved it. Keep thinking about doing it again. Maybe it is time.


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