Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside

It was a cold ride to work Wednesday morning, the thermometer read 28° when I left the house. Not even close to my record low but it was the first frost this fall and fortunately it was dry. I was still able ride.

According to the news Denver, Colorado wasn't as lucky as Charlie6.

The weather just changed so quick, not letting us ease into it.

This morning was a bit warmer at 37° and the sun is making an appearance today. Although my photography skills pale in comparison to Bluekat's talent I had to stop on my way into work for these.

My favorite season is Spring, but Fall has to be my second choice. I do not like daylight hours getting shorter, the promise of the upcoming rainy season or my heating bill rising I can appreciate the sunrises, rustling leaves, the Autumn colors and the return of hot soups, comfort foods and spice tea.

Brr its cold...


  1. Really beautiful sunrise photos, if I had to pick a favorite it would be the one with the sun in the middle of the tree. Wonderful colors.

    Look on the bright side, it's 37°F and not 10°F and you can ride and not be forced to walk and jog ;-}

  2. Gosh, those pics are beautiful. I had balmy 41F this morning and zero view due to darkness AND fog.

  3. Troubadour:

    I like those fog photos, better than the one I took this morning. I had to scrape my window this morning so obviously I drove. Fog onto cold roadway is not my friend

    Sunrise is around 8am and I leave at 7, so I am too late for the sun.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. Thank you, isn't it interesting the time of sunrise and temperatures between the four of us?
    These photos made me a little bit late for work so it was shortly before 8:00am. I was plugged in so I didn't bother getting off the bike to include Lucy in the pics. I wanted to take another of the sun behind a seed silo further down the road but there was no shoulder and the fog made it unsafe to stop.
    It won't be long I'll be riding to and from work in the dark.

  5. Simply magnificent photos!

    Gee, the temperatures sure do start to drop in your neck of the woods and I admire your tenacity!

    Thanks again for those great photos....

  6. Troubadour

    Oh my your pictures are breathtaking! I love the colours in fall, but like you not the waning daylight hours or cold. I went for a long ride after work, thought I was dressed warm enough, but apparently not, I started to shiver. It was time to call it a day & go home. I heard the siren song of the twisties calling me, so I had to go & ride. As soon as the sun goes down, it's freezing. I think I am going to ask Santa for some heated gear.

    Hey is your bikes name Lucy? Awesome name!

  7. Thank you Geoff, but I'm not sure if it's tenacity or simply stupidity. Once it starts raining and gets dark I'd have to go with stupidity. I figure once I'm out in it I may as well go to work.

    Hi Dar, yup her name is "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" or 'Lucy' for short.
    There are a few tricks to staying warm but heated gear is the easiest. Just make sure your bike can handle the draw on the electrical system or you'll burn up your bike. Stators and regulators aren't cheap. Most bikes can handle heated grips though.
    Layer clothing without too much bulk, get some hand guards or moose mitts (they'll train you to know where your controls are). Use a polar buff and a fog city visor insert or a Respro foggy mask.
    Give me a day or two, I'll write up a cold weather riding gear post to help you out.

  8. Baby, it was warm in my car on Wednesday ;)
    Yeah, tis true, I whimped out on the ride.
    The photography skills look good to me. Gorgeous sunrise. I really love the first with the mist and the road, and the third with the fiery ball of sunshine in the tree - Great shot!

    So hard sometimes to bundle up for the ride, but so worth it on mornings like this...well, maybe a smidge warmer than 28!

    lol - didn't want to unplug. I have far fewer off-bike pics in the winter for the same reason :)

  9. Really like that third from last sot of the sun in the tree....nice!

    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  10. Beautiful morning photos of the fog! Thank you for stopping for them. :)


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