Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a croc...

All this talk of crocs, pink crocs, yellow crocs, green crocs, new crocs, so if I'm going to talk the croc I'd better be able to walk the croc.

Introducing one croc,

two croc,

old croc,

blue croc,

Received as a gift from brother Bear, I've had these crocs for a couple years. They get used in the garden and me being the frugal Scotsman that I am, too cheap to buy another pair, I cleaned them up and added some Canadian flair by means of some Jibbitz.

I was messing around with the camera last weekend looking for that Corona commercial vibe. There isn't a tropical beach nearby and I prefer my own backyard anyway...less people, here's a shot of us relaxing on the back deck avec crocs.


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  1. @ B&B: It was great to meet you and your crocs. Let's keep in touch, eh!?!


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